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EasyOS and EasyPup 2.2.16 sfsget issue

April 07, 2020 — BarryK

It has been discovered that "sfsget" does not work. I reacted by withdrawing version 2.2.16 from the Internet.

It seemed that the "sfsget" script was broken, however, I discovered that this file was wrong:

If are running 2.2.16 and have discovered "sfsget" does not work, reboot, run "sfsget" and it will download the correct 'sfs-repo-file-list'.

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EasyOS version 2.2.16 released

April 06, 2020 — BarryK

Hot on the heals of the EasyPup 2.2.16 announcement, we also have EasyOS 2.2.16!

Release notes:

Read this for links to further information, including installation and feedback:

There are English, French and German builds: 

If you are new to EasyOS, read this: 

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EasyPup version 2.2.16 released

April 06, 2020 — BarryK

Yes, another one! Version 2.2.14 was released on March 27 -- this is like the early years of Puppy Linux, when I was releasing a new version every couple of weeks. Well, I am isolated at home, not much else to do!

Here are the release notes:

For information about EasyPup, including feedback link:

There are English, French and German ISOs available:

They are hybrid-ISOs, that can be written to optical media or USB-stick, and booted on traditional-BIOS and UEFI-BIOS PCs (in latter case, "legacy boot" mode is not required). Note: if you already have EasyOS or EasyPup running, there is the very nice 'easydd' utility, that will write an ISO to USB-stick. 

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New download-only button in PPM

April 05, 2020 — BarryK

Ha ha, this has been such a long time coming! Maybe they already have it in the woof-CE version of the PPM -- it has diverged considerably from the one in WoofQ.

In PETget package manager, also known in Puppy-land as the PPM, when click on a package, a preview window comes up. If the package requires dependencies to be installed, there will be an "Examine dependencies" button, clicking that will bring up a window listing all the deps, and there will be two buttons "Download only" and "Install packages".

That's fine, however, if the package has no missing deps, then the first preview window only has a "Install <package name>" button, there is no "Download only" button. I have now remedied that:


Yay! Only took about 12 years for me to get around to doing that.  The script that was edited is /usr/local/petget/ 

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More internationalization

April 05, 2020 — BarryK

Puppy Forum member esmourguit has submitted some more internationalization of scripts, including:

A couple of scripts in /usr/local/sfsget have more strings gettext'ed.

New French translations for,,,,,

The 'wallmaker' PET has been full internationalized, and the version bumped to

...I just noticed that 'step' posted a version back in 2016, so don't confuse the two (see page 8 of that thread). 

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getNVIDIA PET added to Easy

April 03, 2020 — BarryK

Argolance has added a nice help window to getNVIDIA, an app created by shinobar (Puppy Forum names):

shinobar's getNVIDIA forum thread is here:

The help window greatly enhances it, thanks very much Argolance. I have added the PET to the Easy 'noarch' PET repository, it will be '' when uploaded.

I tweaked a few little things. For example, the '' script now has a if-test, for compatibility with Woof:

if [ "`pwd`" == "/" ];then
gtk-update-icon-cache -f -i /usr/share/icons/hicolor
echo "getnivia installation: icon cache updated..."

...when built in Woof (any Woof), the current directory will not be "/", when a PET is installed in a running pup, it will be "/". The gtk icon cache update is take care of by the Woof build system.  

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youtube-dl was broken, updated

April 03, 2020 — BarryK

Easy has a GUI frontend to 'youtube-dl', a YouTube video downloader script, written in Python. I tested it today, found that it didn't work. The GUI has an "Update" button, to download the latest 'youtube-dl', and that fixed it.

YouTube sometimes "move the goal posts" in an attempt to stop video downloaders, so the authors of 'youtube-dl' have to update the script.

I have updated the 'youtube-dl' PET, it is now ''. No change to the GUI, it is still ''. I haven't uploaded the former yet, but it will be here:

...but no need to download, they are builtin to Easy. 

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Firefox ESR DEB now works in container

April 02, 2020 — BarryK

Running EasyOS 2.2.14, 'belham2' (Puppy Forum name) reported that he installed Firefox ESR from the "petget" package manager, and it worked, but when he tried to convert it to a container, was unable to:

The menu "Filesystem -> Easy Container Management" has a dropdown list of installed apps. You choose one, and then click the button to make it into a container.

However, Firefox ESR is not listed. The reason for this is that the script filters out /usr/share/application/*.desktop files that have "Exec=" entries with a leading path. firefox-esr.desktop has "Exec=/usr/lib/firefox-esr/firefox-esr". Which is odd, as it also installs /usr/bin/firefox-esr, so the entry could have been "Exec=firefox-esr".

I have edited /usr/petget/ to automatically fix the "Exec=" line to remove any leading path. if necessary, a script is created at /usr/bin.

I tested it, works fine. One thing I recommend in Easy Container Management, leave the "Security options" alone. The default is fine. Just choose "firefox-esr" from the dropdown list and click the button.

Hmmm, it did create a 16x16 icon on the desktop, that is something else that needs fixing. It should be 48x48, but that is a cosmetic bug. 

The desktop icon now fixed. Edited /usr/local/easy_containers/easy-containers

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