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NicoEdit 2.1

September 14, 2009 — BarryK
I announced NicoEdit 2.0 here:

But I later went back to Geany, plus NicoEdit 1.6 as the secondary "Leafpad replacement", as 2.0 has some bugs.

Nicolas has fixed the bugs in 2.0, and once again I am making NicoEdit the flagship text editor for 4.3.

I have done some limited testing, it looks good. As I already mentioned, it is tiny -- the PET package is 40KB. Even with gtksourceview, the combined size is one third of Geany.


NicoEdit 2.2
Username: Nicolas
Hi Barry and Other, New version of NicoEdit with line-wrapping support. See the menu "View" or use shortcut Ctrl+W Download it here: See you, Nicolas.

NicoEdit 2.3
Username: Nicolas
"Hi again, I make a new version of NicoEdit. This version save infos about opened file (in fact the window position, line number, syntax used) and restore them when you re-open the file ! I think Barry will be happy with it ! Download it here: See you, Nicolas.

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