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Jwmconfig fix

October 09, 2009 — BarryK
A little while ago happypuppy reported a bug in the JWM Configure tool:

...which I passed off as not a bug, not really. Well, it isn't a bug in the strict sense, if you don't manually edit /root/.jwmrc-tray, only use the GUI tools.

Not very satisfactory though, and fortunately Patriot has taken a look at it and fixed it:

The attached file contains theme-switcher fixes for the zero-byte length jwmrc-tray issue. I have previously looked at the codes and as you have noted, the blinky and xload -bg update routines may render a zero-byte length jwmrc-tray after the sed ...

I've attempted to improve it a little bit with a more robust code. It should fix the zero-byte length jwmrc-tray issue. Please take a peek and see if any of the new codes can be used ...

Well, the attached code was in a p.m. to me, but I have put it into 4.3.1 which is coming RSN (Real Soon Now). The file is /usr/local/jwmconfig2/theme_switcher.

The PET package is now ''.


JWM update

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