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The '-' versus '_' problem

October 08, 2009 — BarryK
I responded to alecz here:

...with a suggestion.

I have an idea. You have installed the files to a hd, you mount the hd from a running Puppy and the files look correct. But when you try and boot from the hd, Puppy cannot find 'pup-430.sfs'.

If that is your situation, try mounting the hd (while running Puppy) from the commandline using '-t msdos'. This is suggestion I replied to alecz:

Suggestion: mount the hd like this (if partition is sdb1):

# mount -t msdos /dev/sdb1 /mnt/sdb1
# ls /mnt/sdb1
# umount /mnt/sdb1

...if the names are wrong, let me know. You can correct them before unmounting.

Do try the above, not just the GUI tools in Puppy, as Puppy mounts a fat f.s with '-t vfat', and that might be hiding your problem.

Oh, and to provide me with more complete information, run this:

# disktype /dev/sdb1



The '-' versus '_' problem
Username: PhamAntoine
"In previous version, 4.21 for example pup_421.sfs was used, but in 4.3 version, it is changed to pup-430.sfs Why ? This change doesn't affect me, who use only linux, but it appears to affect Windows users. But it trouble me that this new version seems not accept pup-430*.sfs.this feature which exists in verssion < 4.3 was handy, as I often remaster puppy and thus can use it distinguishmy version with the oroginal one.

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