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Woof tarballs

November 21, 2009 — BarryK
As I have put Fossil on hold, and quite likely won't reinstate it, for now I am uploading tarballs of Woof to here:

Regarding a suitable version control system, I'm thinking that I will work with the Dim developers, as I think that is a much more Unix/Linux friendly system. See my earlier blog report:

...Dim currently does not support symlinks, empty directories or special files either, but the developers are intending to support those, and I might get involved.

Developing Dim though, is a longer term thing, so I'll stay with uploading Woof tarballs for awhile.
They are only 8MB so it's easy enough to do frequent uploads.


bky version control
Username: technosaurus
I'm sorry I got you on a wild goose chase with fossil, so I took some time to build the growingly popular python based version control systems that will handle symlinks (bazaar=launchpad and mercurial=google-code). I also found a project similar to Dim called Bky, written by Angel Ortega (hmm it even begins with BK, maybe its a sign) Bky is totally bash and the code is well commented so it may help with Dim development. Bky (along with a wide variety of small projects) is here: [code][/code] The forum thread where I have the python (2.6.4) based version control systems used by launchpad and google code is here:

Username: playdayz
"never mind that previous comment. i did build a puplet without a vmlinuz, but maybe I didn't download everything properly
Username: BarryK
"Yeah, I have compiled the kernel, but need to compile some more third-party modules for it. Then I'll upload it. So for now, choose the kernel, or earlier.

Dim symlink support
Username: Philippe
"Hi Barry, Thank you for your interest ! I have started to add symlink support to dim. I am using the Woof tarball to validate the code. That is a long awaited extension, that should not be difficult to write. Philippe (the other Dim developer)

Dim development
Username: BarryK
"Philippe, That's great! Thanks for monitoring this blog. I already have workaround for other limitations of Fossil, so they can still be used with Dim. You will find all of these already implemented in the Woof tarball... [b]1. device nodes[/b] Any 'dev' directory with one of more device nodes in it has been made into a tarball named 'DEVDIR.tar.gz'. The Woof build script '3builddistro' now recognises these and expands them. [b]2. Empty directories[/b] I have placed a zero-size file named 'EMPTYDIR' in all empty directories. Again, the Woof build script removes all of these when building the distro. [b]3. Special characters[/b] There are two symlinks named '[' and '[[' in boot/initrd-tree0/bin. I have renamed those to 'LEFTSQUAREBRACKETCHAR' and 'DOUBLELEFTSQUAREBRACKETCHAR'. Again, the build script will convert those back. [b]4. Permissions and ownerships[/b] This one is more tricky. For Fossil I created a special file 'FOSSILMETADATA' (which is still in the Woof tarball) which has a record of all dirs/files with special permissions and ownerships. My 'fossil' wrapper script converts these dirs/files to be correct whenever there is a checkout. If Dim cannot store dir/file permissions/ownerships, then something will need to be worked out, for example to use a file like the 'FOSSILMETADATA'.

real probelm with uPup kernel
Username: playdayz
" i think this is it with the kernel for uPup Karmic. When I first came to the Kernel Tab, the default in the pull down menu was[b]6[/b]-p4 and the kernel listed in the menu was the same. But the actual kernel downloaded was[b]7[/b]-p4. Therefore upup was built without a kernel and totaled 92MB. To fix I edited the kernel in the top pane of the pull down menu and replaced the 6 with a 7, I didn't think that would work but it did and I got a working uPup at about 114M.

Thank You
Username: Grumpywolfe13
"Hi Barry Just wanted to thank you for the woof build system and now with the release of T2-8rc ver 3 I am making my own puplet MyWolfe and hoping that I can have it working the weekend Nov 29, 2009. Had a working versoin and well not sure what I did but then xserver stated to not run in xorg mode but will get it Again thanks for the fun to at less try

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