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Ntfs-3g 2009.11.14

January 06, 2010 — BarryK
I have updated the Ntfs-3g driver in the initrd in Woof. Previously it was version 2009.4.4.

The situation with puppies built with Woof, is you have a ntfs-3g package but that is separate from the ntfs-3g driver that I have put into the initrd. The latter is compiled statically.

This means that the live-CD has duplication, but I recently made a change in Woof so that when the live-CD is built, executables that are duplicated in the initrd and the main f.s. are deleted in the main f.s., and at bootup they get copied to the main f.s. I posted about this:

I have also created a PET package with this statically-compiled ntfs-3g:

Static compile howto
I compiled it with uClibc. A ready-made uClibc ext2 f.s. in a file can be downloaded from the uClibc site. You have to mount it, then chroot into it. Then compile:

# ./configure --prefix=/ --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --build=i486-t2-linux-gnu --target=i486-pc-linux-gnu --disable-mtab --enable-really-static
# make

secaudit.c:262:24: attr/xattr.h: No such file or directory

...I don't think I had that problem with 'xattr.h' before. I knew there is a usr/include/sys/xattr.h, so changed secaudit.c to use that, and it compiled. Hmmm.


Username: kirk
I had the same problem when I compiled ntfs-3g. I thought it was looking for /usr/include/linux/xattr.h, which seemed to work. So now I'm saying hmmm. Might should check and see what T2 is doing with it.

Username: kirk
"I did some googling, found a Gentoo post, they said it depends on a the attr package. Here's their post: So I downloaded the packge from here: But make install doesn't install the include files. I tried the package from T2 with all the patches, but it doesn't compile for me. The Gentoo post indicated that attr was only a compile time dependency. Barry, did you get two shared libraries, an older version and a new version when you compiled ntfs-3g?

Username: kirk
"That download link should be this: Probably the same thing though.

uClibc ext2 fs
Username: Dougal
"Last I checked, the uClibc folks stopped providing new versions of the ext2 fs, so what's there is pretty old... The last time I compiled Busybox I had to hack the header files a bit, to add new syscalls etc.

Username: BarryK
"kirk, I didn't get any shared libraries, as I compiled it statically. Dougal, I just looked at my uClibc ext2 file, and it has a modify date of September 10, 2006 -- so I've had it awhile! Well, I've only got one PC with an NTFS partition, I test it soon. If it works, then no problem, I won't worry about that xattr.h.

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