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Vodafone modem no-go

October 29, 2010 — BarryK
I'm in Perth tonight, able to use the Vodafone wireless modem. Well tried to anyway... I messed around for about 3 hours, running Wary 094, eventually had to run Windows.

We need to figure something out when there are multiple modems in a machine. This laptop has an internal analog modem, which the agrsm driver claims. Disable that, and smartlink claims it. PupDial is unable to discover the Vodafone modem.

Anyway, after disabling smartlink, the Vodafone modem doesn't work anyway. Usb-modeswitch fails to switch out of usb-storage mode. Don't know why.

Disabling modules also needs attention. The existing blacklist mechanism in PupDial and BootManager no longer works. I tried "install agrmodem /bin/true" in /etc/modprobe.d/aa.conf which didn't stop the module from loading either -- maybe it needs to be zz.conf.
Eventually I renamed the modules to disable them.

Finally, gave up and booted Windows.


groups for dbus
Username: Iguleder
Barry, can you add the groups "powerdev" and "plugdev" (/etc/group)? It seems dbus from Debian wants them and I have no idea how to configure it. It's something specific to dpup builds but it's good to use Debian's dbus and not Quirky's as in Lupu for extra compatibility. Maybe Ubuntu's and Slackware's dbus packages need extra groups too.

Username: zygo
"Did usb_modemswitch hang? Did you try my 3 suggestion from 16 Oct 2010, 21:14 I had a similar problem last year with pupdial, a soft modem and a usb modem. I had to remove the connexant form the PC. I remember it was only short while since the connexant was supported by Puppy and then I wanted it to be invisible. It would help if pupdial picked from a number of wvdial.conf files whne it started instead of simply reporting the value in wvdial.conf. But that doesn't help you with the module problem. Could the initial ramdisk not ask the user which is preferred. Sadly, the user would have to replug the usb modem after boot. You can tell I'm no expert eh.

re groups
Username: BarryK
"Iguleder, I am running Windows right now, but I have written your request into my notebook. Will probably do it after I get home.

Vodafone yes-go
Username: BarryK
"See my next post, Vodafone yes-go:

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