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'zzz' simplified boot scripts

November 21, 2010 — BarryK
I mentioned this in a previous post:

I rewrote one of the key boot scripts that manages module loading, /sbin/pup_event_backend_modprobe. Plus modified some other boot scripts, and created a PET, now being referred to as the "zzz" package.

One of my motivations was to fix sound on my laptop and some other PCs. That is now done. I did have some issues today with an old PC with two sound interfaces, now resolved. I also figured out code to accurately wait until sound drivers are fully loaded before activating.

I tested with my PcTel dialup modem, and that was fine.

I have now integrated rerwin's "RULEMODEM" into the script, which is in rerwin's version of the script. This means that at least as far as analog dialup modems, my script is pretty much integrated into the special handling that rerwin has developed for various modems.

One of those special analog modems is 'agrsm', which I have on my laptop. Yep, works great, using it now.

I will upload my latest 'zzz' PET soon.

Tomorrow I will try and obtain a usb wireless 3G modem for testing, so that I can also integrate the usb_modeswitch and rerwin's custom work. That should be the final piece of the puzzle.

Note, none of this is in Woof itself, it is experimental and is a separate PET only.


'zzz' PET uploaded
Username: BarryK
I have uploaded it to my Quirky repo on This PET should work on all fairly recent puppies (Wary, Quirky, Lucid, Dpup, etc.).

zzz no go with 3G
Username: 01micko
"Hi Barry Same result with the latest zzz pet. I had to 'modprobe option' to find the 3G modem.(huawei-e169) Sound was fine. I remove the pet, reboot and it's ok again. Anything to try? Give me a yell. Cheers

re zzz no-go with 3g
Username: BarryK
"01micko, That is what I expect. zzz has only implemented sound and analog modem special handling support. 3G will come later, after I have done some tests on an actual 3G modem. That is what I thought that I had written in the first post.

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