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Vodafone wireless works

November 09, 2010 — BarryK
Testing Wary 096, my Vodafone K3571 wireless modem works, but it is a step back from 094.

With the modem plugged in, power up, run PupDial and the first window reports that /dev/ttyAGS3 is found (my internal analog modem). That is not supposed to happen -- the usb serial interface is supposed to be discovered first.

The Vodafone modem is recognised by usb-modeswitch and successfully switched.

Pressing CHOOSE button in PupDial, it finds ttyUSB1 -- that is also a step back, as in 094 I was getting ttyUSB3 detected right off. Anyway, I clicked the "ttyUSB3" button and was able to connect.

I ran 'pmodemdiag' just after starting PupDial, will send the log tarball to rerwin.


Username: BarryK
Sorry, I am tired, the first post is not quite correct. A pristine first boot, modem plugged in, ttyUSB3 is detected, and it "just works". What I had done above, is had booted up, shutdown and created a save-file. Then booted with Vodafone modem plugged in. So, it wasn't a pristine first-boot. Anyway, subsequent boots, the modem is still broken, as before. It only works with pfix=ram pristine first boot.

either or
Username: zygo
"Is this not the behaviour you described earlier Should your last sentence be: "It only works with pfix=ram [b]or[/b] pristine first boot. " ?

pupdial tary add-on
Username: 01micko
"Well, I reckon this is a good idea.. when you are connected an icon shows up in the tray (when you click 'close window but stay on line') and when you want to disconnect the icon is there to help.. too easy! Of course. there is plenty of room for improvement. Cheers

Re pupdial tray addon
Username: BarryK
"01micko, That's great! For the future, that is. For Wary right now, I am reining things in, in debug mode only, as want to get to a final release.

Re pupdial tray addon
Username: 01micko
"That's cool, it is early stages for something like this anyway. Maybe yourself or Richard would know a better way to utilise such a tool and maybe add more relevant stuff in the menu. Cheers

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