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zzz: usb-modeswitch fixed for JimTcl

December 07, 2010 — BarryK
I reported recently that I am using JimTcl (a tiny Tcl interpreter) to run the usb_modeswitch_dispatcher script in the usb-modeswitch package:

It did seem to work, however I have been communicating with Josua Dietze, the author of usb-modeswitch, and he found a few little bugs:

I just checked the latest version (1.1.5) of the tcl wrapper with jimsh. It turned out that the only problems were in fact caused by the code adding the "gsmmodem" symlink. JimTcl seems to have problems with the "d" shorthand for digits in regular expressions. Also I had to replace a "file link" command with "file readlink".

This is great news, and I have put the modified script into my 'zzz' package.

Josua is very pleased that I have introduced him to JimTcl, as he has been asked by other cut-down distro developers to rewrite the script in something else. He did make a start with Python, but didn't like the extra libraries needed just to do simple things, so he stopped that effort (thank goodness ).

Josua is even thinking that he might include JimTcl in his package, configured to compile with just enough features to run his script.

Tags: quirky