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Lucid Puppy 5.2.5 released

April 02, 2011 — BarryK
Lucid Puppy is our official flagship Puppy Linux release. Version 5.2 was released on January 6th, (see blog announcement and since then the team has been feverishly developing the next version -- and it has now arrived!

Team Coordinator Larry Short ('playdayz' on the forum) has put together this brief announcement:

Lucid Puppy 5.2.5 is the most leading-edge Lucid ever. It has Bash 4.1.0, Syslinux 4.03, and e2fsprogs 1.41.14, the latest from Ubuntu Natty. It now has JWM 500, up from 493. Gnumeric 1.10.13 is a necessity because our forum member yarddog had posted a bug to Gnumeric that is corrected in 1.0.13. Lucid 5.2.5 uses the Woof of FEB 28 replacing the Woof of NOV 28 for 3 months of progress in Woof development. All of the favorite Puppy programs are there in their latest versions. Check out Pburn by zigbert which now compares favorably with Nero Linux. Gnome-mplayer 1.02 compiled by forum member ttuuxxx is a substantial improvement and now works well with both the Openbox and JWM window managers. All this and the low overhead that makes Puppy fast, friendly and fun.

Further announcement and release notes here:

Get the live-CD here (127.7MB):
Md5sum: b6658ab75cd5d48f358f0ee31b06b934

Get the 'devx' SFS to turn the pup into a complete compiling environment (138.5MB):
Md5sum: a72c8744b220c5bf02d5161445927382

Here is the main forum thread for Lucid 5.2.x development and feedback. The discussion for 5.2.5 starts on page 76:

Faster download mirrors can be found on the Puppy Download page:


Lucid Puppy

Lucid Puppy 5.2.5
Username: laikexpert
"Lupu 5.25 have problem with HDDs ? P.S. Long live linux

simple Lupu525 remaster
Username: ted dog
"[code]#!/bin/sh #simple script to remast rm /etc/.XLOADED mksquashfs / /mnt/sda1/lupu_525.sfs -e /proc /initrd /tmp /archive /mnt /sys /lupu_525.sfs sync #add pristine folders (out of current pup_xxx.sfs)... mksquashfs /initrd/pup_ro2/proc /mnt/sda1/lupu_525.sfs -keep-as-directory sync mksquashfs /initrd/pup_ro2/tmp /mnt/sda1/lupu_525.sfs -keep-as-directory sync mksquashfs /initrd/pup_ro2/mnt /mnt/sda1/lupu_525.sfs -keep-as-directory sync [/code]

Simple remaster script details
Username: ted dog
"Steve92108, to use the simple remaster, cut/paste script and store in /mnt/sda1 or global replace this with your harddrive location. open a terminal cd to /mnt/sda1 and run script [code]cd /mnt/sda1 ./remake[/code] Leave the computer alone so file system is not changing since its getting everything including all root folders and kernel modules it will swell about 15MB. It will be setup for your exact machine, since that is what you seem to want. I use a frugal install and this script will work with all versions since 2.15 when I first made it.

Thanks-Will give you the news
Username: Steve92108
"Thanks! I am a newbie, but I will give it a try this week and let you know how it goes. Thanks for the detailed instructions. That is how I need to have these things explained! I REALLY like 525! Great features, FAST, and good-looking. Puppy just keeps getting better and better!

Simple remaster of 525-Failed
Username: Steve92108
"I tried follow your very clear directions to create a live custom 525 CD to be completely setup for my exact machine. I guess I am too Newbie to do it Right. First of all my machine is a DELL 600M with 0.5G RAM and the hard drive REMOVED. I had good luck many times setting up a USB to boot, But I am staying at a big complex with a too-open WiFi network and found continual snooping & prankstering on my system. So, I thought I would burn everything I want and all my settings to a custom that my OS would never be tampered with. ..and as a challenge to learn. My attempt was 70% successful, but many settings and programs didn't make it onto the new CD.(see comments above) I tried to follow your instructions but, 1. I wasn't sure if it was 2 separate solutions..or a 2-step solution. 2. I wasn't sure if I should exit to a prompt or just use console, but either way I could not paste anything to either. 3. I had no success at all. Is there a way to make a custom CD to include all my settings and add-ons for this PC using the point-and-click interfaces?

How to remaster Lucid 5.2.5
Username: playdayz
" There are instructions for How To remaster Lucid 5.2.5. If you don't follow the instructions, but just do it, the only difference should be that your remaster will boot to xorgwizard instead of the desktop.

How to use unionfs for lupu?
Username: librehat
"I'm wondering how to modify init script to use unionfs but not the aufs2. I have built a new kernel for lupu525 and it has been unionfs pathed.(I make unionfs be built in the kernel instead of a module). However I cannot boot normally,the screen appears the red message"pausing pausing pausing pausing" and failed finally. Hope you can help this pity man to solve this problem.Thank you. And sorry for my poor English.

Re unionfs
Username: BarryK
"The 'init' script in the initramfs is already designed to use either unionfs or aufs, but only as modules. The script recognizes which module is present in /lib/modules and loads it and behaves accordingly. I just had a look at the code in init: [code][ $layerfs ] && LAYERFS=$layerfs [ ! $LAYERFS ] && LAYERFS=aufs #aufs or unionfs [ "`modinfo aufs 2>/dev/null`" = "" ] && LAYERFS=unionfs #precaution.[/code] ...this means that if aufs.ko is not present, then it will assume unionfs, so having unionfs builtin to the kernel will work.

Username: Crocodile
"Good day. Please pay attention to the bug described here: I've encountered it when loading Puppy from USB Flash drive on a diskless machine (getting lupu_525.sfs not found). This is surely the new bug, because I've successfully ran previous versions of puppy on the same machine.

Username: Graeme Bull
"This is wayyyy cool! Love it! I cobbled together an 8 year old windows box, maxed out the RAM and my 7 year old can use it easily. Runs much faster than my Mint, and I see it has access to all the Ubuntu repositories. Would there be any significant benefit to me if I converted my clunker to Puppy? or should I use Damn Small Linux? I want to use less resources and do some video editing in Cinelerra or Avidemux without it grinding to a halt as it does sometimes now. [It's an HP DX6100 with 4GB RAM]

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