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SeaMonkey 2.2beta3

July 04, 2011 — BarryK
I have compiled SeaMonkey 2.2beta3 for Wary 5.1.2. Note that this PET is not suitable for earlier versions of Wary, as the latest Wary has some upgraded packages required by Firefox 4.0+ and SeaMonkey 2.1+.

Get it here (16.9MB):

Notice the size! I am alarmed by this. SM 2.0.11 is "only" 11.2MB. Even FF 4.0.1 is "only" 12MB. I notice that file 'omni.jar' is about 3MB in FF 4.0.1, 6MB in SM 2.2.

I'm using it now, seems okay. But, I am cringing at the size of it.


libpng for SM
Username: BarryK
Note that I did [i]not[/i] compile SM with system libpng, as described here: Maybe next time.

SM 2.2beta3 bug
Username: BarryK
"After using it for awhile, I suddenly found that I could no longer enter text into the URL-bar. Then, when I right-clicked on a desktop-drive-icon, no menu appeared, so SM had somehow messed that up too. Restarted SM, bugs still there. It needed a reboot.

Username: linuxcbon
"You can try chromium, under BSD licence.

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