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GTK success!

November 13, 2011 — BarryK
The guys testing the latest Wary and Racy have reported that large drop-down lists are very slow and hog the CPU. This has been observed in the 'quicksetup', 'bootmanager' and 'remove_builtin' scripts.

I was going to recompile GTK anyway, due to the insert-key-crash bug in SeaMonkey/Firefox. This problem has been reported with recent Wary/Racy, after I upgraded to GTK 2.24.5 (compiled in T2). The bug is documented in an earlier blog post:

So, I compiled GTK 2.24.8, with this config;

# ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --build=i486-t2-linux-gnu --with-xinput=yes --enable-debug=minimum

Once again, a big jump in size for the PET, from 1621KB to 2588KB. Once before, I think that I isolated which library was the culprit, then recompiled all the others without debugging, and that worked. Will have to put that on the to-do list.

Anyway, a very pleasant surprise. Running this new GTK, the slowness and CPU-hogging of large drop-down lists has gone away. Now they are snappy. at least this is the case on my laptop.

If anyone would like to confirm this (2.5MB):


Short NOTE : Seems t worko
Username: K Godt
Installed the pet by clicking on it ; Not rebooted yet ; BUT bootmanager ADDLIST works now AND quicksetup with <combobox> tag BOARD:ASUS P4S8X-X ACPI BIOS Revision 1004 Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 Speed: 2800 MHz 1024 MB (Double-bank Connection) DDR-RAM I think that should solve it .

Reboot also OK
Username: K Godt
"YEP ; seems to be ^ bug ^ in the gtk-2.24.5 Because there had never been some warnings in xerrs.log about <combobox> TAG deprecated i guess really a bug . I have read the docs of gtk+2.0 source (version 2.16) and there had been some comments about features might not supported anymore ; BUT it appears not to be the case for now .

works fine
Username: FeodorF
"Very good job BarryK! Menu select works fine now.

gtk problem
Username: scsijon
"Sorry, but with the new gtk pets installed there is a problem with the "check dependancies installed package. If you have enough pets that there are two columns of pets shown, each column now has a check button instead of just one overall, also a button only scans through the the single column, and of course only the first column sctivated button is actually checked. uninstalled new / reinstalled back to old one and the problem went away after reboot, so unfortunately must relate to the new gtk. --------------- On the other hand, the new one does fix the slow scrolling problem.

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