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Running Lucid Ubuntu on Mele A1000

April 21, 2012 — BarryK
This is very exciting! I have got Ubuntu running on my Mele A1000.

Tom posted a video, see my earlier blog post:

To save me the hassle of cross-compiling u-boot, kernel and installing Ubuntu on an SD card, Tom uploaded his own SD card image. This made it so easy -- I just used 'dd' to copy the image to the card, plugged the card into the Mele and turned it on.

For anyone else who has a Mele and wants the SD image, see the 'arm-netbook' mail list:

The image is 2GB compressed, and uncompressed is 4008706048 bytes. You need a 4GB SD card that has that many or more bytes capability -- some are a bit less -- run 'disktype' on it to find out.

I did find that the compressed image can be made smaller, I got 931MB, but we haven't uploaded a smaller one yet.

We currently don't know what Tom set the root password to, but I just edited /etc/shadow and inserted the "woofwoof" password from my Puppy system.

No GPU acceleration yet, but I am surprised how snappy the responsiveness is. Tom's image has a lot of apps, including OpenOffice. Also gcc compiler stuff, so it is ready for me to compile. Good, I will start creating some ARM PETs -- such as that gtkdialog PET that Lobster wants

But first, I have to go out today and buy a USB keyboard. For now, I am using it with mouse only.

Sound works. Video is set to 1920x720 (720p) 50Hz, I have to find out how to change that.

Anyway, having fun!


Root password
Username: BarryK
Alejandro on the arm-netbook mail list has posted that the root password is "ubuntu". Note that the login window shows "Ubuntu system administrator" however that is not root, it is a user named "ubuntu" and has less privileges than root.

Disk image size
Username: Steev
"I noticed like 412MB of deb package in the apt cache (/var/cache/apt/archives). 'apt-get clean' will remove them

Username: Justin
"I feel silly asking this, but has there been any progress in figuring out how to change the resolution? My TV is none too happy with the defaults :) Thanks for letting us know about this info!

Mele tools
Username: Ted Dog
"Justin, Thread supporting Mele settings files & tools.

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