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Wary (and Racy) 5.3

April 05, 2012 — BarryK
Wary Puppy 5.2.2 was released on 18 November 2011 (also Racy Puppy made his debut), see my blog announcement:

Since then, there has been the usual feverish pace of development. We now have a significant upgrade, hence the version jump from 5.2.x to 5.3. A brief announcement:

Wary Puppy is our build of Puppy Linux targeting older hardware. Racy Puppy debuted at the previous release (5.2.2) and is "Wary on steroids" -- identical except with later and kernel, to suit more recent hardware. Version 5.3 has a fairly small number of application upgrades, however there are fundamental changes at the infrastructure level, that is, the "Woof" level -- in particular, pervasive support for internationalization, plus a "multitude" of bugfixes. There are now "langpacks" available for many languages, and these have translations for the system-level and most of the applications used in Wary and Racy.

For this release, I would like to send a special thank you to the faithful testers, and in particular the guys who volunteered to create the langpacks. The latter are (Format is language : Forum-name : real name):

French (fr): esmourguit : JJ Moulinier
German (de): L18L : Lutz-Ulrich
Polish (pl): robwoj44 : Robert Wojewódzki
Russian (ru): rodin.s : Sergey Rodin
Spanish (es): vicmz : Víctor Martínez

...bug reports or improvements for these translations should be directed to these guys on the Puppy Forum

Here is the detailed announcement and release notes:

Download Wary from here:

Download Racy from here:

Other faster download links can be found on the main download page:

I have started a Forum thread for bug reports and any other feedback:



Glade icon is STILL missing -- a fix
Username: broomdodger
"The icon for Menu > Utility > Glade Interface Designer is STILL missing with devx_racy_5.3.sfs installed. I can fix it by adding a link: /usr/share/pixmaps/glade-3.png to: /usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/glade-3.png I have not used Glade, but Racy Puppy is sooo wonderful I think it should be as good as possible.

Username: tecoboy
"I like puppy linux very much. Thank you very much to all the helpers. Greetings from Stuttgart/Germany

Many Thanks
Username: netgator
"Thanks for the newer versions. I wish 'racy' will now boot perfectly.

This SAMBA works on RACY
Username: GCMartin
"Tested a Live media RACY system with 01Micko's contribution to Barry of SAMBA V3.5.12 PET. This works flawlessly for sharing folder-files to the LAN. I would ask should time permit and his PET is used as a guide, it should be upgrade to V3.6.3 because it shares with ALL known devices on the LAN up thru the end of 2011. The older version; namely 3.5.12 and back, are NOT announced with that support. Hope this helps

busybox update
Username: broomdodger
"FWIW: busybox has an update with a fix for wget <> 4 February 2012 -- BusyBox 1.19.4 (stable) BusyBox 1.19.4. (git, patches, how to add a patch) Bug fix release. 1.19.4 has fixes for getty (build fix for systems without CBAUD), mdev (error in mdev.seq handling if sequence number is >999), modinfo (made it select PLATFORM_LINUX), wget (fixed use-after-free on redirect). Bill

Re wget
Username: BarryK
"Wary/Racy uses the full wget. The BB version lacks features.

Wary 5.3 problems
Username: Phill
"I had wary 5.2.2 installed on a dual boot laptop. I decided to upgrade and update to 5.3. I burnedthe 5.3 iso and tried to install to the same partition as before, and everything went south from there. I did finally get 5.3.installed, but the reporting dialog boxes seem to be unersized. I'm not a command line user (yea I know I need to be at this point) but this install seems to be really buggy, hardly what I would expect from a "wary" release. Apparently the installer did not detect the right swap partition and made it the "personal storage" area. Also, I had multiple problems with "wary save" and writing entries into the boot list that was already there. Part of the problem is maybe I should have swiped the hard drive first. Whatever, it simply did not fail gracefully.

Username: Max
"Consider updating libpng 1.2.44 to a newer version. See: CVE-2011-2501 CVE-2011-2690 CVE-2011-2692 CVE-2011-3026 CVE-2011-3048

one small typo
Username: rodin.s
"Script: /usr/local/petget/ line 56 pupmessage -bg red -center -title "$(gettext 'PPM find')" "$(gettext 'Sorry, no matching package name')" One word is getext.

Username: BarryK
"rodin.s, Thanks. Mavrothal also reported this. I have fixed it.

Username: argolance
"Thank you for this great work: Especially for you to use every effort to internationalize Puppy! Best regards.

Re Glade icon
Username: BarryK
"broomdodger, Yes, I really have been dragging my heels on that one :happy: Ok, I have finally fixed it. I will upload the modified PET soon, and it will of course be in the next release of Wary/Racy. I can't recall if the icon is also missing for other puppies, like Slacko. But just in case, I have added a template for 'glade3' to create it. So, whether building a pup from Slackware, Ubuntu, Debian or whatever glade packages, the icon will definitely now be there.

Package list?
Username: scsijon
"just came across this, however as i'm happy with wary522 at present while working on my own, i'd like to see a package list with versions if you have one please, so I may too see if it's worth upgrading 'now or later'. thanks

Re package list
Username: BarryK
"scsijon, You need to look at the Release Notes for each release, which itemise all upgraded and new packages.

How old is old?
Username: Andrew Durham
"Hi, How old is "old hardware"? Ie, what is the cutoff year of manufacture for using Wary or Slacko (give or take a year?) I really have no idea what you mean by "old". Thanks, Andrew

Re how old is old
Username: BarryK
"It is difficult to be definitive about it. Wary is probably fine on computers 3 - 5 years old and older. But, may also run fine on newer hardware. On my Acer laptop, less than one year old, Wary will only run with Xorg generic 'vesa' driver and at a low resolution. Also, due to an older kernel, wireless is not so good -- it works but keeps dropping out. So, most of the time I use Racy (Wary upgraded with later Xorg and kernel).

missing files in the devx
Username: ttuuxxx
"hi barry I've been compiling on Wary this weekend and a few devx files are missing /usr/lib/pkgconfig/pixman-1.pc /usr/lib/pkgconfig/fontconfig.pc /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/include/gdkconfig.h the gdkconfig.h contains the following data [code]/* gdkconfig.h * * This is a generated file. Please modify `' */ #ifndef GDKCONFIG_H #define GDKCONFIG_H #ifdef __cplusplus extern "C" { #endif /* __cplusplus */ #ifndef GSEAL /* introduce GSEAL() here for all of Gdk and Gtk+ without the need to modify GLib */ # ifdef GSEAL_ENABLE # define GSEAL(ident) _g_sealed__ ## ident # else # define GSEAL(ident) ident # endif #endif /* !GSEAL */ #define GDK_WINDOWING_X11 #define GDK_HAVE_WCHAR_H 1 #define GDK_HAVE_WCTYPE_H 1 #ifdef __cplusplus } #endif /* __cplusplus */ #endif /* GDKCONFIG_H */[/code]

Not missing
Username: BarryK
"The first two are in /usr/X11R7/lib/pkgconfig. For some packages you have to tell them to look in /usr/X11R7 for libs. Regarding gdkconfig.h, we discussed that recently, either here or on the forum. As I recall, Jemimah discovered that it doesn't get installed and we had to do it manually. You will find it at /usr/include/gdkconfig.h.

Username: egyed
"thunderbird.sfs for Racy doesn't work at all : pretty dark screen after clicking on the icon. I have tried to do a new sfs with uncompressed tar of thunderbird, and the command line dir2sfs, but without success. What can I do ? Racy without thunderbird is useless for me. Many thanks.

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