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Service Pack auto-check bug-fix

November 29, 2012 — BarryK
I posted earlier about a Service Pack auto-check when the PPM is started:

A bug crept through on that one. Fixed. Woof commit:

You will see also updated Release Notes in that commit.

I have discovered some more bugs in the PPM, four of them to be exact. I intend to fix these tonight, and hopefully Woof will then have reached a stable plateau that I will then leave alone for awhile, and it should be a good basis for the Puppy-builders.

There will also be a bug-fix-of-a-bug-fix release of Precise Puppy, version, which I have to do due to annoying bugs that are still in 5.4.1. There will also be a Service Pack PET for 5.4.1.

Woof having reached a plateau, and x86 Precise hopefully "substantially bug-free", I want to move on to other things. Forum member pemasu is doing a nice job working on an enhanced Upup, so I will leave him to it, and 01micko is working on a great new Slacko.

I want to get back onto the ARM boards. "Best laid plans of mice and men" of course, but that is the intention.


Pemasu's Upup
Username: BarryK
This is the link to pemasu's Upup:

I want to get back onto the ARM boards
Username: Sage
"Got to be a wise decision as we see the interest and sales in RPi going through the roof. Maybe not the most desirable board with no vga port and other apparently problematic HW choices, but it wins on price, documentation and, notably, availability. Add to that the plethora of HW support from CPC/Farnell/Element14, charitable status and you have the whole package. Expect a v.C in the New Year?

Username: don570
" The cheapest Arm laptop that is distributed in Europe. It has a touch screen (but not capacitive). £129.99 Android 4.0.4 .

Rockchip processor
Username: don570
" There are cheaper Android laptops for sale, but the Goclever model has a RockChip 2918 1GHz (Cortex A8, GPU GC800) chip which is slightly better than Allwinner A10 chip. Chip manufacturer: Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd. designs and develops integrate circuits (IC). It specializes in digital audio and video processing ICs, as well as educational electronics and broadcast products. The company’s products include language repeater and digital radio controlling chips. It also provides system-on-a-chip solutions and services, as well as a mobile Internet platform for tablet PC, Internet TV, and smart phone industries. The company was founded in 2001 and is based in Fuzhou, China. .

Re Goclever
Username: BarryK
"Looks pretty good for the price.

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