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Precise Puppy 5.4.3

December 17, 2012 — BarryK
This is another bug-fix release of Precise Puppy 5.4.

Version 5.4 was released Oct. 23:
Version 5.4.1 was released Nov. 10:
Version 5.4.2 was released Nov. 30:

Version 5.4.3 fixes a few more bugs, plus some enhancements. Main announcement and Release Notes page:

Download from here:

Or find a faster mirror ( can be very slow):

There is also a "retro" build, see notes:


Precise 5.4.3 Forum feedback
Username: BarryK
Forum feedback for Precise 5.4.3 is here:

Ubuntu onPIPO S1
Username: don570
" There is an interesting project porting Ubuntu to devices using Rockchip processors They've recently had some success with running Ubuntu on the PIPO S1 tablet (an inexpensive Chinese tablet)

gnome-mplayer blue screen
Username: broomdodger
"preicse 5430 manual frugal I went to to see a video, it played in Seamonkey, but would retrain because of a slow internet. So I decided to download and watch off-line. downloaded the talk in small format RobinChase_2012G-light.mp4 It opened in: gnome-mplayer 1.0.3 The sound was there but no video, only blue screen. I tried the same mp4 in racy5300, it played sound and video. MPlayer SVN-r34150-snapshot-4.3.4 I also tried the same mp4 in wary5492, it played sound and video. MPlayer SVN-r34150-snapshot-4.3.4 Any ideas? Bill

FULL problems
Username: Sage
"Something seems to have broken in FULL with 5.4.3 ? Already reported in Forum thread in connection with rt2800usb trials. There are error messages showing during boot-up. This may or may not land up at a prompt from which a rudimentary res. selection may or may not be availabe for selection. After setting locales from the opening panel (if it appears), selecting X-restart gives blackscreening requiring an hard reset. Afraid I do not have the knowledge or time to report more detail. Hope someone with more SW ability can advise you what is different & wrong with 5.3.4 over all previous releases.

Update - good news/bad news
Username: Sage
"All problems previously reported refer to the retro version which has been my workhorse to date. Amazed that the PAE version worked ootb at first ask. Usually keep this on CD just for folks bringing their over-specc'd modeern junk for repair. Hope you can fix the retro version as it still has an important role.

chmod needed
Username: don570
" Why do I need to cd /usr/local/apps chmod -R 755 * to get my right click packages to show the menu icons to show properly??

busybox update
Username: broomdodger
"There have been many fixes since the current puppy version: #busybox BusyBox v1.19.3 (2011-11-09 07:34:50 WST) multi-call binary. 2 July 2012 -- BusyBox 1.20.2 (stable)

precise for asus 1025c
Username: aarf
"at last a precise that boots by pemasu

lsmod precise
Username: aarf
"bk wrote: "One small thing to check. Type "lsmod" in a terminal, and see whether "i915" or "i810" is loaded" full lsmod at

lsmod precise
Username: aarf
"bk wrote: "One small thing to check. Type "lsmod" in a terminal, and see whether "i915" or "i810" is loaded" full lsmod at

Intel atom and cedarview graphics
Username: pemasu
"Upup Precise with non pae 3.7.2 provides gma500_gfx.ko kernel module graphics driver...for certain intel atom cpu with onboard gma graphics. Aarf has found that this new kernel module is useful. More info here...tests in Slacko builds, thread by Tempestuous: I am pleased that the new kernel has proved to be useful for Precise Puppy users.

Continuing of cedarview graphics
Username: pemasu
"After using gma500_gfx.ko kernel module it would be necessary to intall cedarview xorg libs also: Use PPM and install all cedarview .debs, three of them:cedarview-drm libva-cedarview-vaapi-driver cedarview-graphics-drivers Of course I am not sure if all those are needed. Next step might be to go the console state and run xorgwizard > Probe and restart xwin. And hope the best. Professionals of graphics could give more info....

Username: aarf
"installed the Exited to prompt, did xorgwizard probe xwin and got a blackscreen with blinking cursor and no keyboard response. hard-power off reboot and same blinking cursor, did pfix=ram and repeated and got same result. went to ppm and was going to install the packages but the examine dependencies were 100+ Mb for each of two packages while the third had missing stuff after install. halted there to await instruction. have been using slacko5.4 since it was uploaded as default boot and i don't notice any deficiencies. i have tested many other puppies other new and old, and a couple of distros, and it is only precise that failed to boot. everything else seems fine to me.

cedarview part ?
Username: pemasu
"Aarf. That is why I tried to create stripped ready pet. But as you noticed, something is not right.

cedarview and modesetting driver
Username: pemasu

cedar vesa in slacko
Username: aarf
"@micko, slacko54 is using vesa. first time i noticed that, i havent had to do this xorgwizard thing before just accept what was loaded on the equipment i was using. so am still playing around with various combos but so far i think xorgwizard under "chose" is failing to do what it should be doing. so far "chose" modesetting in slacko wont start x. will report later after more testing. @pemasu thanks for finding the modesetting deb. i was struggling to know were to look at where/what to find. there is two debs on that page not sure if i have to load both of them, so far with just the one you linked xorgwizard is failing to start x, but still not convinced that xorgwizard is ok because if i try to load "fbdev" under "chose" it will similarly fail to start. also fails with vesa. have found were to select 800x600 under "more". am selecting x24 not x16

Username: aarf
"installed see by/from RoDoN now i have acres of new desktop which i've never had before # report-video VIDEO REPORT: Upup Precise, version 3.7.2 Chip description: Intel Corporation Atom Processor D2xxx/N2xxx Integrated Graphics Controller Requested by /etc/X11/xorg.conf: Depth (bits, or planes): 24 24 24 Modules requested to be loaded: synaptics dbe Drivers requested to be loaded: modesetting fbdev vesa Probing Xorg startup log file (/var/log/Xorg.0.log): Driver loaded (and currently in use): modesetting Loaded modules: dbe dri dri2 extmod fb glx kbd mouse record synaptics Actual rendering on monitor: Resolution: 1024x600 pixels (270x158 millimeters) Depth: 24 planes ...the above also recorded in /tmp/report-video # but it is only there after doing a xorgwizard probe, not on boot. dont have pemasus installed. may try in slacko5.4 too. gives me more welcomed pixels to play with in blender i guess. fonts look horrible though will have to try something in the font department.

modesetting in slacko
Username: pemasu
"Aarf. You should ask 01micko about xf86-video-modesetting driver for slacko. Dont use Precise compiled one. I believe you might find version from slackware repo...or 01micko has compiled it if there is none. Anyway...dont mix these drivers between different distros.

errata and modesettting in slacko
Username: aarf
"@pemasu not quick enough, i have already tried it, and modesetting didn't seem to load in slacko54 so still at vesa in slacko. errata: i was trying nomodeset parameter in Upup Precise, version 3.7.2 to unsucessfully load vesa and it was still there when i did the modesetting just above. without nomodeset parameter in the grub kernel boot line, modesetting WILL give the 1024x600 desktop above on boot with no need to do a separate xorgwizard. i'm happy, going on to other stuff now.

Running on an 8GB laptop
Username: GCMartin
"Working with a management colleague this morning. He was asking about running 32bit OS on his new 64bit tocuhsceen desktop. He had seen Barry's Blog and was inquireing. So, I downloaded the ISO. Burned a DVD. Booted the DVD and he cannot believe how fast BARRY's PAE Precise is running. It pristine, but, he's extremely empressed. Congrats for this as the distro recognized all peripherals and RAM.

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