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pUPnGO 34MB live-CD

December 22, 2012 — BarryK
I reported on pUPnGO awhile back:

I am fascinated by this work that goingnuts and technosaurus are doing. I only "look in" now and again to see what they are doing, but I do think there is a future for this minimalist gtk1-based approach.

Goingnuts released a 34MB live-CD a few months back, with a GUI and GUI-apps:

...want to get a "feel" for what they are doing? -- try it out!

Here is the original, and on-going, pUPnGO Forum thread:

Also, goingnuts has a web site:


minimal 64bit
Username: q5sys
While no-where near as impressive as what goingnuts and technosaurus have done, Jamesbond and I have released a minimal 64bit system for anyone who wants to use that as a base for a 64bit system. Its about as minimal as we can make it and still load to X, have safefile ability, and basic networking. ISO, Devx, Kernel sources together on one ISO come in at just over 300mb

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