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Raring Puppy 5.6.94 (5.7alpha2)

June 29, 2013 — BarryK
This is looking pretty good, maybe I should have bumped it to a beta!

Download from here:

The new pup_event IPC mechanism is introduced here:

If you want to try the new IPC mechanism, you don't have to be a programmer. Just open a terminal window and type this:

# pup_event_ipc "block:myapp"

...then, plug in a USB Flash stick.

Unplug it, or maybe plug some other drive in, then run the above again -- you see, the hotplug events have queued, so you get them all.

To play more with this, click the Menu -> Help -> Puppy's InterProcess Communication

Alpha2 fixes some bugs reported in alpha1. It also has the very latest JWM, version 819, and BaCon 2.1.9.


5.6.94 Forum feedback
Username: BarryK
I have started a Forum thread for feedback:

5.6.94 success
Username: aarf
"posted from portable opera in Raring Puppy 5.6.94 using frisbee wifi [img][/img] straight through all the questioning initial stuff first time to desktop.

Faster Download available
Username: don570
" A faster download of latest Raring alpha2

JWM 819 bug
Username: BarryK
"This pup is using JWM 819, and there is a bug: the virtual desktops displays as 2x2, when it is supposed to be 3x1. I have reported this to Joe. aarf, Yes, it does have a very snappy feel about it. More tweaks to come though, to try and whittle down areas of possible slowness.

Re pemasu's Upup Raring
Username: BarryK
"Rodney, one of our testers, reported by email that Raring 5.6.94 is working very well, but he is a little bit puzzled about the status of pemasu's Upup Raring, now that I seem to be working toward a release version, 5.7, of Raring Puppy. Firstly, I wanted to build a new pup to exhibit and test the new features, eudev, kmod, kernel devtmpfs, which cannot be done in Precise/Wary/Racy, as they are all based on older kernels without devtmpfs and with module-init-tools instead of kmod -- and I didn't want to "rock the boat" too much with those series. Then there are the new ideas such as the Login and Security Manager, and now pup_event IPC, that I wanted to showcase and get user feedback on. Then, pemasu was very quiet on the forum and announced that he was taking time off to enjoy the summer sunshine while it lasted, very briefly, in his country -- I don't recall pemasu's home country, Sweden or somewhere near there, very north anyway. But, pemasu is free to keep on with Upup Raring, when the sun starts to fade, with enhancements that I tend not to put in my pups, plus he is the developer of a Dpup series.

Re kmod, devtmpfs
Username: BarryK
"Some testers in the Forum have reported what looks like module loading problems, that they do not have with pemasu's Upup Raring 387. I think that pemasu's Upup is using a kernel without devtmpfs and the older module-init-tools (instead of kmod). Also udev 167 instead of eudev. That is a proven formula for module loading. It may be that there are some issues with eudev, kmod or devtmpfs.

desktop icons sfs load
Username: aarf
"still losing desktop icons modifications on loading a new sfs (ie on updating the layered file system) i have a hack which definitely and absolutely works in pemasus upupraring see but it is a very not pretty hack. perhaps you can find pointers as to why it works there and pointers to better fix.

re jwm bug
Username: 01micko
"Probably using my slacko settings in jwmconfig. I notice the "show-desktop" icon in aarf's screeny is the one I use in slacko. Also, there is a new tag for the tray button settings so that the tray buttons can be styled, TrayButtonStyle. The settings used to be inherited from TaskListStyle, see Some themes may need to be tweaked, and perhaps the jwm-theme-maker app (trio's) tweaked as well.

pup_event_ipc:sh-3.00# pup_event_ipc --help sh: /sbin/pup_event_ipc: cannot execute binary file
Username: charlie6
"Hi Barry, here on wheezy- have downloaded pup_event_ipc + render it executable + add line to /etc/rc.d/rcsysinit to make dir /tmp/pup_event_ipc + compiled latest pup_event_frontend_d plugging/unplugging usb flash keys works; but: [code]sh-3.00# pup_event_ipc --help sh: /sbin/pup_event_ipc: cannot execute binary file [/code] i surely missed something ...maybe trivial thanks for any answer Charlie

(solved) pup_event_ipc:: cannot execute binary file
Username: charlie6
"Hi Barry, sure it was trivial, solved after having compiled pup_event_ipc.bac in wheezy- works as expected! thanks charlie

Re wheezy
Username: BarryK
"Interesting that you had to recompile it. Note, if using the new pup_event_frontend_d, then you will also need all the contents of /usr/local/pup_event for desktop drive icons to work, and other stuff to work.

Re Raring 5.7
Username: BarryK
"I've been thinking about it some more, and I don't think that I want to develop Raring Puppy to release status. Besides, Ubuntu Raring Ringtail is one of the short-life releases, only until October. There will probably be another official release of Precise Puppy ...sometime.

ppm cursor disappears
Username: broomdodger
"toshiba satellite laptop Raring Puppy 5.6.94 (5.7alpha2) frugal ppm cursor disappears when out of 'PPM: search'

ppm cursor disappears
Username: broomdodger
"also happens with precise-5.6.1 cursor visible in 'PPM: search' cursor disappears outside Bill

java plugin
Username: broomdodger
"What is the recommended way to install the java plugin? I have been using jre-1.6u31-i586.sfs which still works with Raring Puppy 5.6.94 (5.7alpha2) but it is getting very old. Bill

eeepc small screen
Username: broomdodger
"Hello Barry eeekos mentions as I have also noticed on my eeepc that several windows are too tall to be fully seen. I do web design and would like to edit those files to fit even the 480 vertical size eeepc. How do I do that? and get incorporated? Bill

latest java sfs
Username: aarf
"last post at has link to latest java sfs. confirmed to work in Raring Puppy 5.6.94 but you are highly likely to get "updating the layered file system" on each boot with associated loss of desktop icon modifications. otherwise the java sfs is fine> jre1.7.0_25

re: latest java sfs
Username: broomdodger
"jre1.7.0_25 Yes, I also confirm it works in Raring Puppy 5.6.94 It also works in wary 5.5 Thank you Bill

Upup Raring 3.9.3
Username: pemasu
"Upup Raring with 3.9.9 non-PAE kernel is starting to be ready for masses. Large proprietary Catalyst and Nvidia drivers support. This post was for reminding that Raring development has not been totally abandoned.

Upup Raring 3.9.9
Username: pemasu
"Ooops. Wrong version number in previous post. 3.9.9 it is.

Re Upup Raring
Username: BarryK
"pemasu, That's great! If it looks ready for it, then it could be announced on Distrowatch as another "edition" of Puppy. If the bug reports are low enough -- you can never eliminate them all, some people are still going to have hardware issues -- it is a matter of judgement, good enough to release. There would be some details to take care of like the Release Notes page, that you get via the Help button in the menu, and which we also put online. That would have to be written. You can see the examples from me and 01micko. It can be fairly simple, just a list of what special features the pup has. Acknowledging the helpers is always good too.

SandyBridge and intel xorg driver
Username: pemasu
"Ubuntu Raring at least has used/compiled xorg intel driver so, that it is not very compatible with SandyBridge intel graphics. Compiling the latest xorg intel driver has fixed the problem. There are now several confirmations. I used default ./configure option, except --prefix=/usr The problem can be in Ubuntu Precise also, but no verification about that. Upup Precise at least presented the same kind problem with SandyBridge intel graphics. JWM didnt even start. I fix this in Upup Raring now....

sna testing in Ubuntu Raring
Username: pemasu
"I think they didnt test the compatibility of their xorg intel driver with jwm. I have a report that openbox launched when jwm didnt.

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