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pup_event translation fix

August 07, 2013 — BarryK
L18L reported a problem using MoManager with the 'pup_event' scripts:

Thanks, I have implemented this in Woof:


Momanager sync
Username: BarryK
And another little tweak for MoManager from L18L: This reminds me, MoManager is on my to-do list, a few things, including some work that l18L has done.

momanager to-dos
Username: L 18 L
"My not yet published to-do-list for momanager: 1st copy entry for [b]edited file[/b] to top of list in most cases there is more than 1 edit to do, picking from top of the list is much easier than search in the long list. 2nd find a way that translations of docs are always at /usr/share/doc/[b]help/<language>/[/b] 3rd "dialects" contain only dialect, ex: de_AT and langpack_de defined as dependency. needs everything to be in subdir /tmp/momanager/<language> ..and vicmz can do several languages in 1 session. :cool: I did not start anything of theese because I like our FFMM (ForkedFastMoManager) to be temporarily only.

slacko-5.6 is released
Username: 01micko
"FYI Home page <-- Announcement <-- :happy:

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