USB_EHCI_HCD module loading order

Puppy Forum member ETP has created Blue Pup, based on Quirky Tahr. Looks great.

One problem that has come up is the wrong order of module loading:

The thing is though, modules uhci_hcd and ohci_hcd are not modules, they are built-in to the kernel.

The modules that are complaining, are fubh200_hcd and fotg210_hcd.

Here is some kernel documention:

Current .config for 3.16.6 kernel:
<pre><code># USB Host Controller Drivers
# CONFIG_USB_SL811_HCD_ISO is not set
# CONFIG_USB_HCD_BCMA is not set

Well, I guess I could recompile the kernel with this line "CONFIG_USB_EHCI_HCD_PLATFORM=m" changed to "y".

I'll give that a go., no, I take that back. fusbh200_hcd and fotg210_hcd are both builtin, so I don't see what the problem is.
There are no modules to load, so no question of incorrect order.

Internal handling of the interfaces is entirely up to the kernel. It is out of my hands.
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QU: system utilities updated

I updated QU to L18L's momanager 20140326 PET package.

Actually, I downloaded, but found that it has a broken pet.specs file, so fell back to the older one that I had downloaded earlier.

I also got L18L's latest langpack_de 20141007.

I found langpack_it-20141015, there was a choice, chose the one supposed to work on precise, wary, etc.

Note, my original intention was that there would only be one langpack for a language, for all Puppy flavours. Differences could be taken care of within the langpack.

BaCon BASIC compiler updated to version 3.0.2beta.

f2fs-tools now 1.4.0.

usb-modeswitch now 2.2.0 and data is 20140529.

I don't intend to make under-the-bonnet changes before the first release of QU. This is really just shaping up to be a major kernel, utility and application upgrade, relative to Quirky Tahr.

I do have plans to improve the infrastructure, for example the "audit" mechanisms, but will probably get into that later.
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QU: peasy PETs

I have updated these peasy* PETs created by rcrsn51:

peasypdf 3.1b
peasydisc 3.2
peasyglue 1.8
peasyport 1.9
peasyprint 2.7
peasyscale 1.6b
peasyscan 2.7
yassm 2.6.5
maag 1.6

maag, a utility to animate GIFs, was not in Quirky Tahr, so this is making a debut in Quirky Unicorn.
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QU: themes, PETs

I have decided on a green theme for QU.

I found a desktop icon set named "green glow" from the Puppy4 days. If anyone knows who created that, let me know.
It needed some changes of icons, some dropped, some added, and I created a new PET.

I looked through zigbert's PETs to see what needed updating.

Quirky Tahr has Aqualung, not Pmusic, but I will bring back Pmusic for QU, except have to use the old version 3.3.0, as still using gtkdialog 0.8.3.

Same problem with Pburn, have to stay with 3.7.18, as QU is using the cdrkit DEB package.

However, I have upgraded Pfilesearch to 1.35, Pschedule to 1.1.5 and Ptiming to 1.0.3-1.

Tempestuous used to maintain 915resolution, and I noticed that my PET is not his latest. Have upgraded to "patch20120521".

Note, 915resolution is for widescreen (non-VESA-standard) screens with Intel video chip, however, is not actually needed with the Xorg Intel driver. It is however needed for framebuffer, Xorg vesa, or kdrive X drivers.

I have downloaded the latest PETs from rcrsn51, will update my PET database tomorrow.
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QU: kernel, JWM, FreeOffice

I have compiled the 3.16.6 Linux kernel for QU (Quirky Unicorn).

I recently saw this:

That is, SoftMaker Office for Android, but with the full traditional UI. Now, that really is intriguing!

Anyway, I got the idea of putting FreeOffice 2012, the free version of SoftMaker Office, into QU. Consequently, I have created a PET.

FreeOffice is very nice, but requires a license key to use. I have setup the PET so that there is link to the SoftMaker website to acquire the license key.

When I first used FreeOffice, all dialog windows where truncated on the right side. This bug has also been reported on the Puppy Forum (with snapshot):

It turned out to be a bug in JWM, so I have updated to JWM revision 976, now FreeOffice dialog boxes are OK.
Posted on 21 Oct 2014, 8:30 - Categories: Quirky

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