Quirky Installer improved

Lots of bug fixes and improvements for the new Quirky Installer.

Download the appropriate one for your operating system:



The Installer is a Linux application, intended to work on a wide range of recent distributions. I have done some testing on Fatdog64, worked OK.

After downloading, you will need to set the file permissions to "executable" -- in ROX-Filer, you can do this in the right-click menu. Or, in a terminal, use chmod:

# chmod 755 installquirky.amd64

You can click on it to run it, but best to run it in a terminal, so as to see any error messages (as it is still a work-in-progress and may have bugs, or incompatibilities with a particular distro):

# ./installquirky.amd64
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Quirky 7.0.3 released

Another one in the Quirky "April" series. This is a bug-fix release, plus an experimental new GUI installer.

Read about the new Quirky Installer:

Get it from here:

Brief release notes, relative to 7.0.2:
1. April64 build has kernel 3.19.2, with EFI support.
2. probepart, probedisk utilities have EFI fix.
3. openssl security upgrade.
4. Frugal/live-CD save-session now option ask at shutdown.
5. xclip, Gparted, popup, dmidecode upgraded.
6. Fixed missing xsane executable.
7. New apps Pup-SysInfo (replace Hardinfo), Prun.
8. Pschedule fix.
9. installquirky new GUI installer.

Feedback is welcome here:

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UEFI howto

I am working on a new installer for Quirky, with nice GUI. It has help buttons, but there is a need for more detailed explanation of what UEFI is all about. So, I have created an online UEFI tutorial page, that is linked from the Installer.

It is a work-in-progress, but here it is:
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Pschedule fixed

Quirky 7.0.2 testers have reported that Pschedule (see System menu) is broken.

The problem is that the 'crond' utility uses /var/spool/cron, which Quirky does not save between reboots.
Quirky, like many puppies (though that depends on their PUPMODE), only saves /var/local.

So, I have changed crond to use /var/local, and it all seems to work now.

New PET (7KB):
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I have compiled LibreOffice in April i686 7.0.2.

Here is the PET (109.8MB):

Next, I will compile for April64.
Posted on 31 Mar 2015, 21:44 - Categories: Quirky

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