Quirky April 7.0.4 released

Quirky "April series" 7.0.4 is released. This is another bug-fix release, with incremental improvements since 7.0.

The full announcement and release notes for 7.0 are here:

Quirky 7.0.3 was released on April 9, see blog announcement:

Download 7.0.4 from here:
amd64: http://distro.ibiblio.org/quirky/quirky6/amd64/releases/april-7.0.4/
i686: http://distro.ibiblio.org/quirky/quirky6/x86/releases/april-7.0.4/

Faster mirror site:
amd64: http://ftp.nluug.nl/os/Linux/distr/quirky/quirky6/amd64/releases/april-7.0.4/
i686: http://ftp.nluug.nl/os/Linux/distr/quirky/quirky6/x86/releases/april-7.0.4/

Installation README:
amd64: http://distro.ibiblio.org/quirky/quirky6/amd64/releases/april-7.0.4/install-readme.htm
i686: http://distro.ibiblio.org/quirky/quirky6/x86/releases/april-7.0.4/install-readme.htm

Upgrade README:

Release notes for 7.0.4, relative to 7.0.3:
1. 'ghostview' script to display .ps files.
2. New 'gsl' package.
3. Hardinfo (hardware information) version upgrade.
4. Quirky Installer improved (see /usr/local/install_quirky).
5. Package Manager improvements.
6. 'popup' utility has new features.
7. QuickSetup now has instant language translation.
8. Bugfix for Isomaster (ISO editor).

One interesting thing you will notice at first bootup when QuickSetup runs (also can be run from the Setup menu). Language flags, that offer immediate translation of the QuickSetup, and 'welcome1stboot', windows.
Appropriate quicksetup.mo and welcome1stboot.mo files are now built-in to Quirky -- so if you want this new feature for your language, use MoManager to create them (see Utility menu) and send to me.
The script /usr/sbin/quicksetup also has translations for some things, such as tooltips, built-in to the script. Some of which I used Google-translate to create, so you are welcome to revise the translations.

Planned for future
I was intending to add UEFI booting for the live-CD, however that is deferred, probably to 7.0.5.

Feedback is welcome here:
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de, it langpacks

Forum member L18L has sent me a new German (de) langpack. I have uploaded it here (4.2MB):

Notes for L18L:
I fixed /root/spot. Directory and subdirectories need to have ownership spot:spot.
Why are there .pot files in /usr/sbin? That is the wrong place for them.

I downloaded the latest Italian (it) langpack, created by forum member xanad, see here:

However, I cannot use it. The problem is, it contains binary executables. I noticed 'gmeasures' for example, that is internationalised in Quirky 7.0.3.
If a binary executable is not yet internationalised in Quirky, then it should be left out of the langpack.

I intended for langpacks to reside in a "noarch" repository, and to work with any CPU.
Note, I also intended that one langpack can work for all variants of Puppy/Quirky -- this is doable, but does need a bit more development of MoManager to make it easier.

So, I am staying with the older Italian langpack created by vicmz, see here:
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Launch app in another language

Forum member L18L is one of our translation experts, and has made many great contributions, such as improving MoManager (translation GUI, see Utility menu) and creation and maintaining of the German (de) language pack.

L18L has create a PET for opening any application in a specific language:

I have taken the script 'launch_app_in_another_LANGUAGE' out of it and put it into woofQ, in usr/sbin. Also the two images that the script needs.
Also put usr/share/i18n/lang_names into woofQ.
But left out the locale files that are in the PET.

There is some more stuff to do, see L18L's interesting posts here:
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Inkscape 0.91 for April64

I have compiled Inkscape 0.91 for the amd64 (x86_64) build of Quirky April. No extra dependencies required, this will work in April64 7.0.3, though the 'devx' PET package is recommended as it has python, needed for many of the Inkscape plugins.

Download (16.7MB):

Note, if you don't want to install the 'devx' PET, which is very big, it should be sufficient to install the 'python' package only -- which you can find in the "t2-april" repository in the Package Manager.

I intend to compile for the i686 April soon.

Note, compiling Inkscape required updating of gtkmm, which is required to compile only. This will be in the 'devx' PET of 7.0.4.

Ongoing discussion of all things Quirky is here:
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Quirky Installer improved

Lots of bug fixes and improvements for the new Quirky Installer.

Download the appropriate one for your operating system:



The Installer is a Linux application, intended to work on a wide range of recent distributions. I have done some testing on Fatdog64, worked OK.

After downloading, you will need to set the file permissions to "executable" -- in ROX-Filer, you can do this in the right-click menu. Or, in a terminal, use chmod:

# chmod 755 installquirky.amd64

You can click on it to run it, but best to run it in a terminal, so as to see any error messages (as it is still a work-in-progress and may have bugs, or incompatibilities with a particular distro):

# ./installquirky.amd64
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