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This page is an index to my entire developer news since 2003.
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Welcome to all Puppy fans!
I am Barry Kauler, the creator of Puppy Linux. Puppy version 0.1 was released on June 18, 2003, and since then the pace of development has not waned, in fact has gathered momenum. From the start I have maintained a log of progress, in the form of my "Developer News Page", which in the first few years was just that, a static HTML web page. Then in the second half of 2006 I moved to a blog, or rather blogs (plural) as there were various security and hosting issues that caused me to try different blog scripts and different hosts. Due to a particularly serious security weakness of my host in late 2007 and early 2008 (servage.net) I moved back to a static web page.

In February 2008 I moved to a new host (hostgator.com) for my puppylinux.com domain, and undertook the considerable effort of putting all my Developer News since 2003 into one place. I had to convert a Simplephpblog blog at ibiblio.org and a WordPress blog at servage.net to static HTML pages, which I did manually over four or five solid days. I then put it all together with my older static HTML pages and reorganised the pages into mostly by order of Puppy version numbering.

The page you are looking at now is the front door into my entire Developer News. It's a work-in-progress and I intend to put in some more indexing, plus a local search engine (anybody know a good Javascript search script?), also links to most-popular and important/milestone news would be good.

My Developer News pages are a personal daily account of my work, and so reflect my personal "ups and downs" and even have news snippets unrelated to Puppy, such as accounts of short holidays, photos of an interesting plant growing in my garden, and of two weeks that I worked as "pavilion steward" at the Perth Royal Show (it is quite newsworthy for me to take on paid employment, as the Puppy project has taken over my life and since mid-2006 has been my full-time "job").

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Historical news pages, by version number

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(c) Copyright 2008 Barry Kauler. All rights are reserved. This page and all Developer News pages linked from this page are the exclusive property of Barry Kauler and may not be reproduced in any form whatsoever. Part of the reason for this is that although these are historical documents and thus largely unchanging, I do make corrections fom time-to-time, such as fixing links and adding helpful extra links. Primarily though, this is my personal record of Puppy development and should be treated as such and only accessed from my own domain, puppylinux.com/news.