The real Puppy

Puppy is a Chihuahua, and the mascot for Puppy Linux.
"Puppy" is his actual name!
The photos of Puppy were removed, but now I have put these two back. Here is a message that I posted to the Forum awhile back:

Aah, those got removed, out of sadness.
One morning Puppy had simply disappeared. We were at my countryside-retreat, and he has a little doggy-door (a cat-door actually) so he can go outside if nature calls. One morning I woke up and he was gone. Isolated spot, maybe a wild animal got him.

He's still the mascot for Puppy Linux though.'s kind of a momento to him. So, maybe I'll put some photos back.

There's one thing that little dog taught me. He is only a Chihuahua, always had to be on guard not to step on him, but he had something about him that educated me. Mostly his simplicity, just some little thing made him extremely happy, like just a pat on the head, and most of all his total devotion ...quite unreal that.

So, tiny, simple, fast (he ran like you wouldn't believe), the perfect mascot for Puppy Linux.

Here are more snaps:

(c) Copyright 2005 Barry Kauler