Release notes for Puppy Linux version 2.16

Another wonderful new Puppy! The 'standard' release is puppy-2.16-seamonkey-fulldrivers.iso live-CD and is 89.9MB. There is a massive list of new features, which is incredible considering that we have only incremented the version number from 2.14 to 2.16 (with the 2.15 Community Edition in between).

Release notes, in no particular order:
Note: The developers get their names mentioned above, and the many testers remain unsung heroes. I would like to send out a special thank-you to you guys. Also special thanks to Raffy, Lobster, Puppian and others who look after the community wiki.

Upgrading from earlier version of Puppy. No problem. If you run Puppy from live-CD, just boot the new CD and Puppy will automatically perform any required upgrading of your personal storage file/partition (usually pup_save.2fs file).
For USB or frugal-hd installations, just copy the latest files (vmlinuz, initrd.gz, pup_216.sfs and zdrv_216.sfs) to the USB or hd boot media.
If you have already tested an earlier experimental, alpha or beta of v2.16, it is extremely important that you get rid of any old pup_216.sfs and zdrv_216.sfs files that may be found alongside the "pup_save" file on the hard drive (in /mnt/home). I strongly recommend that you boot an old version of Puppy or a different operating system to do this -- or, you can boot the new CD with the boot parameter "puppy pfix=ram". After you have removed these old files, boot Puppy 2.16 live-CD and type the boot parameter "puppy pfix=clean" , so that a proper upgrade of the latest version will occur. If you want to be extra cautious, make a backup of the pup_save.2fs file before upgrading!

My Developer News Blog. If you want more details about all of the above, and learn day by day how it all unfolded, at a very personal level, then please go here:

Download. If you want to obtain the latest Puppy live-CD, or the "devx" module, that turns Puppy into a complete C/C++ compiler environment, or the patched kernel source, please go to the Puppy download page for links:

History. To get a better sense of how Puppy has evolved, it is helpful to read the release notes for earlier versions.
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Best regards,
Barry Kauler and the Puppy Team