Laptop with Windows 8.1

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A friend who works in a remote town, entrusted me to purchase a cheap laptop for her, and bring it when I next come to visit.

So, today I found an inexpensive sale-price laptop at Dick Smith, an Asus X551MAV-BING-SX391B, with 15.6inch screen, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD, USB3 and DVD burner, for AU$348.

First time that I fired it up, I was somewhat bamboozled by the Metro user interface -- this is the first time that I have used Windows 8.x.

Fortunately, I found this site, which explains how Windows 8.1 can be restored to a reasonably sensible desktop:

Thank goodness. There are all kinds of peculiarities in the 8.x UI, that seem either confusing or unnecessary. I have now set it up so that my friend will feel comfortable using it -- as she is only familiar with XP and 7.

She also entrusted me with her Microsoft Office 2010 DVD, a legal one, with product key, and I installed that. I wondered whether there might be issues with installing a 2010 version of Office in Windows 8.1, but no problem, it runs fine.

Quirky build system uploaded

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The Quirky build system used to be Woof, from the days when I developed Puppy. Then I forked Quirky, and redesigned/stripped-down Woof, now just call it the Quirky build system.

It isn't on any online version control system, just on my laptop, and I upload a tarball sometimes.

So, here is the latest, as at 2014-10-25, used to build Quirky Unicorn 6.2.

Download from here (18.8MB):

There is also a brief readme: should also be added to that readme, that the tarball be expanded in a Linux partition, with sufficient free space (10GB should be enough).

Quirky Unicorn 6.2 released

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Yeah, why not, seems to be working OK for me! This is the first of the "Unicorn series" of Quirky 6.x.

The full announcement and release notes are here: will also find download links there.

Though, the folder on ibiblio that has relevant files is here:

And mirrored here:

If you want to see the full list of packages in QU 6.2:

The source, patches and scripts used to compile the kernel:
(user: p#up#py password: l#in#ux)

Forum thread for feedback:

New Puppy home page?

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There is a problem as I am not updating

There is some discussion about Puppy home alternatives:

Raffy is the main guy to make a decision, a very long-established Puppy fan and supporter, who has established his credentials over many years.

Raffy already has control over the content of (as well as others, as it is a wiki).

If Raffy suggests where should be redirected to, I will seriously look at that.

However, is a problem. It is the primary domain that I used when registering my account with, and all my domains, for example, live on the that hostgator account.

I don't know/think hostgator will allow to be taken out of its primary role in the account. Maybe they can, or maybe I would have to register a new account, with say as the primary domain, and port everything over.

I haven't asked hostgator about this yet.

Quirky6: missing PETs

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Testing Quirky Tahr 6.0.5, bobtron reported that the Package Manager failed to download the "cursor_themes" PET package:

I have been reading that thread to find out what bugs have been encountered with the Quirky 6.0.x series, including Quirky Tahr.

Yes, /root/.packages/DISTRO_PET_REPOS has variable PET_REPOS, that is supposed to have the URLs for the PETs, however it is broken for some PET repos, such as the "noarch" PETs.

I have fixed this for Quirky Unicorn.

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