FireMonkey links

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FireMonkey is the UI framework used in Appmethod, also in other app-creation tools from Embarcadero.

The official docs are here:

Here are other sites:

Some of those sites look as though they are "backed" by Embarcadero. Some look very dated.
They also are mostly Delphi and Object Pascal centric (Delphi is another app creation tool from Embarcadero, with a very long history).

C++ textbook

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I borrowed a couple of C++ books from my local library, however, as I am "really getting into it", decided to buy one.

A book that looks really good is "C++ Primer Plus", 6th Edition, 1200 pages. has it for US$30, but that is the original printing in 2011. Apparently, there was a reprint in 2012 with typos and other errors fixed, still the 6th Edition.
It costs, I think, about US$17 to post to Australia.

So, hunting for the 2012 reprint, I found it selling cheaply here in Australia, for AU$48 (+ $3 Express Post):

That would be one of the cheap reprints in Asia.

The one published by Pearson in the USA is selling here for considerably more (hmm, and it is only the 2011 edition):

I have ordered the book from Bookware.

Convert Object Pascal to C++

I worked through this example app that uses a SQLite database:

Some of the code is obscure, however, I do hope to eventually grasp what is going on.

I have made some mods to the example, one of which is to have a 'blob' datatype in one column of the database.
But then, I did not know how to convert text into blob format for storing in the database. Then found this:

FMX is an ancronym for Firemonkey, the UI framework used by Appmethod. is a very interesting site, lots of examples, but it shows the Delphi heritage and most code is in Object Pascal.

The blob-read-write code is also in Object Pascal, however I found a converter:

...downloading it now. It's a Windows executable.

SQLite and Android NDK

I would like to learn how to do stuff with the Android Native Development Kit (NDK). This is what Appmethod makes use of to bypass using Java.

This looks like a nice way to start learning:

Some convenient build scripts have been posted:

There is a special version of SQLIte, named SEE, that supports encryption of the database:

...SEE is not free though. Can't find a price anywhere.

Appmethod looking good

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I posted recently about Appmethod:

I am getting stuck into learning how to use it. Reckon it will take several months before I can rate myself as a competent app developer.

I want to use Sqlite for an app that I plan to develop, and checked out some requirements that I need. Sqlite supports searching of binary blobs in fields, one tick. Appmethod supports encryption of Sqlite database files, another tick.

Appmethod supports coding in Object Pascal or C++, and I will go with the latter. I only understand basic C coding, so right now getting stuck into learning C++.

My laptop still has the original Windows 7 Home Premium. Did an update, but I'm not going to update to Windows 10, not for awhile anyway.
Haven't used Windows for ages, and it is ok, except rather puzzling all the hard drive activity. I am doing nothing, no applications running, and the hard drive activity light keeps flashing on, never stops -- what on earth is Windows doing?!!!

Anyway, lots of fun!

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