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For anyone who is interested, here is the build system for Quirky:

This is forked from Woof, with quite a few changes. For example, no PUPMODEs. I also made various refinements that are not in Woof, such as eliminatiing the multi-arch symlinks (ex linking /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu to /usr/lib), which could be ported to woof-CE if desired.

There are some docs in this blog about these changes.

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Fix for apostrophe character

Christina (forum member efiabruni) is the author of pe_pplog, which I use for the blog that you are now reading.

There was a bug discovered recently. If the apostrophe character (') was used in comment titles, the comment was corrupted.

Efiabruni posted a fix:

...the apostrophe fix is in files and blog/, and is actually found in both of the patches:
blog/ subroutine to replace a ' with &apos Disabled bbcode on comments for security reasons

The latter patch also disables bbcode on comments, however I was uncertain about that and did not implement it.
I will need more feedback as to what the security risk actually is.

Kernel 3.12.11 with zram support

I was surprised that the 3.12.x kernel used in Quirky Tahr does not support zram. This is a compressed filesystem in RAM.
I had enabled it in some earlier kernels. It seems to have acquired a new dependency, that caused it to be de-selected when I compiled the 3.12.x kernels.

I have recompiled the 3.12.11 kernel, with these changes:

have added support for zram, builtin.

have changed aufs from module to builtin.

device drivers -->
staging drivers -->
[*] memory allocator for compressed images (CONFIG_ZSMALLOC)
<*> compressed ram block device support (CONFIG_ZRAM)

file systems -->
miscellaneous file systems -->
<*> aufs support

I want zram support, as I am playing with an idea for building Quirky as a live-CD. Don't know how far I will go with this, just thinking about a live-CD that boots up and runs totally in ram, using zram.

Note, not currently thinking about using aufs, even though have changed it to builtin.

The PET (25.2MB):

Slacko Puppy 5.7

There is a new Puppy released!

Mick (01micko on the Puppy Forum), is the coordinator of the Slacko series, built with Slackware binary packages.

The announcement on the Forum:

Download links are given on Mick's site:

Full announcement and release notes:

Extra notes:

Feedback and bug reports here:

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