Note 4 "clever" advert

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Well, you will go either way, either think this is very clever, or you might cringe right through:

A couple of people I know, who have seen it, reckon it is brilliant. One of those people is employed in marketing, and told me that this video is superb "brand awareness" for the Note 4.

it has been suggested that Samsung might split it up into sections, for screening on TV.

iPhone "bendgate" saga

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I have been following this closely. I was wondering how Apple is handling this in the background, in "damage control" mode.

Here is one answer:

I expected this. Media outlets that are dependent on Apple in some way, either with a pro-Apple stance or in receipt of advertising, or other favours from Apple, I would expect to give very muted coverage of #bendgate, even no coverage.

In the meantime, Apple will be frantically redesigning the case, but not after millions have been produced.
Also, I expect that some Apple employees will find their careers at Apple come to a sudden end, as scapegoats are sought.

A Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was also tested in the video -- it is interesting because the Note 3 is all-plastic, whereas the Note 4 has a metal rim -- meaning that the Note 4 might not "spring back" quite so well -- which will be funny, as Samsung have finally bowed to consumer pressure for a metal phone, partly anyway, when it might turn out that technically plastic is a better material to use.

Sorry that this blog still has comments turned off (for security reasons), but a comment can be forwarded via the "Contact Me" link above.

Solar power page updated

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Solar Power is the first page of my "traveling light" series.

I recently acquired the Voltaic 6W solar panel and V15 power bank (battery) kit, and have tested it and updated my solar power page.

The URL has changed. Please go here:

Traveling light

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I have been writing some web pages on the theme of "traveling light".

I have been hiking in the bushland near Perth, Western Australia, camping in a tent, and having fun with trying to make my backpack as light as possible.

So far I have only uploaded one page, on the electrical and electronic requirements:

...consider that to be the first draft of that page.

I am retired

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I announced earlier in this blog that I am retired from Puppy Linux development, however I am still receiving Puppy-related questions via the Contact Me link at top of this blog.

This is happening because some people are not aware of my retired status.

Please direct all questions to the Puppy Linux Forum: will find there, many guys actively developing Puppy.

Regarding Quirky, I might be tempted to do another one, as there were some things that I intended to do but didn't. Maybe a "Christmas Special"?

Note, I am using the rather old Raring Puppy, version 5.6.90, every day on my laptop. Not for any particular reason, it just runs nice.

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