QU: themes, PETs

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I have decided on a green theme for QU.

I found a desktop icon set named "green glow" from the Puppy4 days. If anyone knows who created that, let me know.
It needed some changes of icons, some dropped, some added, and I created a new PET.

I looked through zigbert's PETs to see what needed updating.

Quirky Tahr has Aqualung, not Pmusic, but I will bring back Pmusic for QU, except have to use the old version 3.3.0, as still using gtkdialog 0.8.3.

Same problem with Pburn, have to stay with 3.7.18, as QU is using the cdrkit DEB package.

However, I have upgraded Pfilesearch to 1.35, Pschedule to 1.1.5 and Ptiming to 1.0.3-1.

Tempestuous used to maintain 915resolution, and I noticed that my PET is not his latest. Have upgraded to "patch20120521".

Note, 915resolution is for widescreen (non-VESA-standard) screens with Intel video chip, however, is not actually needed with the Xorg Intel driver. It is however needed for framebuffer, Xorg vesa, or kdrive X drivers.

I have downloaded the latest PETs from rcrsn51, will update my PET database tomorrow.

QU: kernel, JWM, FreeOffice

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I have compiled the 3.16.6 Linux kernel for QU (Quirky Unicorn).

I recently saw this:

That is, SoftMaker Office for Android, but with the full traditional UI. Now, that really is intriguing!

Anyway, I got the idea of putting FreeOffice 2012, the free version of SoftMaker Office, into QU. Consequently, I have created a PET.

FreeOffice is very nice, but requires a license key to use. I have setup the PET so that there is link to the SoftMaker website to acquire the license key.

When I first used FreeOffice, all dialog windows where truncated on the right side. This bug has also been reported on the Puppy Forum (with snapshot):

It turned out to be a bug in JWM, so I have updated to JWM revision 976, now FreeOffice dialog boxes are OK.

Quirky Unicorn progressing

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Just a short note.

I fixed the network tray applet. The source required "return 1;" in the timer function (any non-0 value), otherwise a zero got returned which caused the timer to stop operating.

Cups (the cupsd daemon actually) has a dependency on a systemd library, that I was loath to put into my build. I tried recompiling cups, but couldn't get it to print, or rather it did once, then got "filter failure" and I couldn't figure out what it was that I had previously done right.
Yeah, well it is precisely this endless cycle of upgrade headache that I don't want to get back into again.

So, I used cups from Quirky Tahr, a downgrade from version 1.7.5 to 1.7.1. Printing now works fine.

I compiled the latest SeaMonkey, version 2.30.

Quirky Unicorn coming

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I mentioned recently that I might release a "Christmas Special" Quirky.

Well, I have decided to do it.

I am right now running "Quirky Unicorn", built from Ubuntu 14.10 beta2 Utopic Unicorn DEB packages.

I would like to acknowledge where I have "borrowed" the above image from (a free iPad/iPhone game):

I will probably release Quirky Unicorn before Christmas. Especially as Ubuntu 14.10 is due for release on October 23, 2014.

A pleasant experience, this is the first bootup, and everything so far is working, except the network tray icon is showing the network as disconnected, whereas the network is actually working.

I intend to improve a few things in the Quirky build-system, and update many PET packages.

Any feedback can be provided via the Contact Me link above.
I probably should create a thread in the Puppy Forum.

Galaxy Note 4 bend test

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Ha ha, I expected Samsung to take full advantage of the iPhone 6 #bendgate, and here it is:


The "butt test" is quite amusing.

Except not quite realistic, as the bending forces in the back pocket are more likely to be more of a twisting force, or more applied on one side than the other.

It is the force applied on one side that is the downfall of the iPhone 6, due to weakness near the frame cutout for the buttons.

That situation has not yet been tested for the Note 4.

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