Quirky Linux 7.2.1 (i686) released

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I previously announced the release of Quirky Linux 7.2 x86_64 64-bit build:

Now, I have built it for 32-bit i686 CPUs.
This will run on all Pentium-class PCs with BIOS-firmware, and recent "Win8" PCs with UEFI-firmware with "legacy boot" enabled.

Built with 4.1.10 kernel, for i686 CPU, no PAE support so will only recognise up to 4GB RAM.

Primary download:

For detailed release notes and install instructions, please look here:

Bug reports and other feedback may be posted here:

Quirky Installer improved

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Puppy Forum member 'linuxcbon' reported that the Quirky Installer failed to install Quirky 7.2 to a hard drive partition.
He was running Precise Puppy 5.7.1.

Precise Puppy 5.7.1 was released mid-2013, getting a bit long-in-the-tooth by now.

So, my thought was that there is something too-old in it. Yes, I found that the 'cp' utility which is embedded inside Quirky Installer requires a later version of glibc. The other embedded utilities are OK.

I solved the problem by using a statically-compiled 'cp', and installation to a partition now works, running on a host Precise 5.7.1.

The updated installers are here (1.4MB, 1.3MB):

...you will need the second one for Precise 5.7.1, as it is a x86 32-bit OS.

Quirky 7.2 released (amd64)

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This is another release of Quirky in the "April" series, that started with version 7.0 earlier this year.

To learn more about Quirky, April, and the 7.x versions, please read this:

The latest incarnation is version 7.2. A brief statement about this release:

Since the previous release of Quirky, there have been steady improvements, nothing really dramatic, but lots of things here and there.
As well, various packages have been updated or improved. Significant updates include SeaMonkey and Samba, and a new application, Dia. One new minor application is PupWhoIs, a frontend for the 'whois' utility.
A major structural change is the doing-away with /usr/X11R7, the path where T2 compiled Xorg into -- now, Xorg is in /usr, in line with all other distros.
The kernel has been upgraded to version 4.1.7.

Detailed release notes can be found here:

Download Quirky 7.2 from here:

There are various files to choose from, so it is important to read the installation instructions here:

After uploading 7.2, I discovered that ibiblio.org has changed how recursive spidering works (searching for files on their site), which broke some scripts.
Therefore, I recommend as soon as you get Quirky running, install this PET (just download and click on it):

I have only released the amd64 (x86_64) build. The x86 (32-bit) build of Quirky 7.2 is expected to be uploaded in a few days.

There is a thread in the Puppy Forum to post bug reports and other feedback:

noarch PETs updated

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These are the 'noarch' PETs that have been updated since Quirky 7.1:

Deleting: peasypdf-3.1b.pet
Deleting: snap2-4.21.pet
Deleting: pcurlftp_file_sharing-0.2.pet
Deleting: pmirror-0.6.2.pet
Deleting: peasydisc-3.2.pet
Deleting: pbackup-3.1.9.pet
Deleting: pburn-3.7.18.pet
Deleting: peasyscale-noarch-1.6b.pet
Deleting: pctorrent-1.4.pet
Deleting: pmusic-3.3.0.pet
Deleting: pdvdrsab-0.2.pet
Deleting: peasyport-noarch-1.9.pet
Deleting: wag_profiles-20121117.pet
Deleting: wcpufreq-0.8.1.pet
Deleting: peasyglue-1.8.pet
Deleting: pfilesearch-1.35.pet
Deleting: pschedule-1.1.5-1.pet
Deleting: peasyprint-2.7.pet
Deleting: pfind-5.11.pet
Deleting: net_setup-20121101.pet
Adding new PET: pctorrent-1.5.pet
Adding new PET: kernel_src-4.1.7-patched.pet
Adding new PET: pfilesearch1-1.35.pet
Adding new PET: pmusic-4.7.0.pet
Adding new PET: pburn3-3.7.18.pet
Adding new PET: pcurlftp_file_sharing-0.3.pet
Adding new PET: gtk_theme_quirky72green-1.pet
Adding new PET: pbackup-3.1.9-1.pet
Adding new PET: peasyscale-noarch-1.8.pet
Adding new PET: peasyprint-2.8.pet
Adding new PET: peasyglue-1.9.pet
Adding new PET: peasydisc-3.6.pet
Adding new PET: pfind5-5.11.pet
Adding new PET: net_setup-20140422.pet
Adding new PET: desk_icon_theme_quirky72green-1.pet
Adding new PET: snap2-4.25.pet
Adding new PET: pfilesearch-2.1.pet
Adding new PET: pfind-6.2-1.pet
Adding new PET: pdvdrsab-0.3.pet
Adding new PET: pschedule-1.1.6-1.pet
Adding new PET: wag_profiles-20131225.pet
Adding new PET: pburn-4.3.16.pet
Adding new PET: desk_background_quirky72_amd64-1.pet
Adding new PET: wcpufreq-0.8.2.pet
Adding new PET: peasypdf-3.3.pet
Adding new PET: pmirror-0.6.2-1.pet
Adding new PET: peasyport-noarch-2.0.pet
Adding new PET: jwm_theme_quirky72green-1.pet
Adding new PET: pmusic3-3.3.0.pet

Android M course has arrived

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Rob Percival has announced that his new Android M developer course is ready:

I pledged for that, so intend to get stuck into it very soon.

JIDE, the guys developing Remix OS, and the Remix Mini PC, that I also pledged for, have posted some guidelines on creating Android apps that are RemixOS-friendly:

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