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xf86-input-wacom and restarter compiled in OE

November 02, 2020 — BarryK

Jon (scsijon in the forum) reported that the Xorg driver 'xf86-input-wacom' is not in EasyOS Dunfell 0.95. I have compiled it in OpenEmbedded and it will be in the next release of Easy.

I also compiled 'restarter' and that will also be in the next Easy.

The latest OE tarball, with recipes to compile the above (33MB):

/sbin/restarter is a utility to automatically restart a crashed program, most often used to restart a daemon. Project page:

There are alternatives out there, such as 'daemontools' and 'monit'.

Ha ha, I have done something really awful... as I have recently reported, 'bluetoothd' crashes. Reading about this online, some people have configured systemd to automatically restart it if it crashes. Well, if they can do it, I can too...

I have modified /etc/init.d/bluetooth to launch bluetoothd like this:


# Start as background process and assume OK
# 20201101 BK desparate measures, bluetoothd is very unstable...
if [ -e /sbin/restarter ];then
restarter -c ${BLUETOOTH} &

That is in packages-templates/bluez/etc/init.d/bluetooth in woofQ. The latest tarball of woofQ not yet uploaded. but when it is, it will be here:

'restarter' doesn't have a delay, just immediately restarts the crashed daemon, so if the daemon crashes immediately after restarting, it will go into a tight loop, which is not good. Hopefully, that won't happen. 

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