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Toto Link wifi/ethernet router/repeater

December 11, 2017 — BarryK

In the Puppy Forum thread where we are testing Quirky Pyro64 0.6, it was reported that Samba is not working. I wasn't much help, as I had to admit that I have never used Samba. A bit embarrassing really, considering what I "do".

Yesterday, decided that the time has finally arrived when I would setup Samba. First though, I need a little local network. I access the Internet via my mobile phone, no land line. So, wifi tethering turned on in my Android phone, no problem connecting to the Internet for any of my PCs.

I did wonder whether the phone itself could be used as a local wifi network. That is, each of the PCs connected to the phone being able to share files between each other. I have read conflicting reports about whether that is possible.

Anyway, I have an old router, have put it back in service. This is a Toto Link N100R+ V2, picture here:


This is old technology, 150mb/s wifi, 100mb/s ethernet, but OK for now. My model is no longer sold, the latest is N100RE:

On my desk there are two PCs, my midi-tower and Mele mini-PC. The latter dual-boots Linux and Windows 10, so I plugged it into "LAN1" on the N100R and powered up, then went to the "" in my browser. Default login is "admin", "admin".

I clicked "Operation Mode" then the "Wireless ISP" radiobutton. Then clicked "Wireless" from left side, then "Basic Settings" and the "ScanAP" button. It detected my phone SSID and chose "WPA2-PSK" and "CCMP", and entered the password. That's it, had Internet access!

On the Win10 mini-PC, was now connected to the Internet via ethernet. In the "Setup", looked around a bit, but basically just enabled "Turn on network discovery" and "Turn on file and printer sharing".

For the midi-tower, plugged an ethernet cable into "LAN2" on the N100R, and fired up Quirky Xerus64. Fiddled around a bit, but essentially just ran 01micko's Samba Simple Management.

Over on the Win10 machine, in the file manager, there is "Network" on the left side. Clicked that, then right-clicked on the right-side and chose "Refresh". Yay, got "PUPPYPC11067", which is my midi-tower. Clicking on that, it asked for username and password, which is "root" and "woofwoof".

Next step is to get it going on Quirky Pyro64...

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Wcpufreq 0.8.4

December 06, 2017 — BarryK

Quirky and Easy builds, indeed most pups I think, have Wcpufreq, CPU frequency scaling tool, created by 'tazoc'.

There is some confusion about which is the latest version. Also, there is a problem with the 4.13 kernel. Also, a problem with the 'intel_pstate' kernel module.

We have been discussing these issues here:

This has resulted in my release of 0.8.4, see forum post:

And here is the PET (39KB):

My kernel is configured with intel_pstate disabled, so don't have to worry about that.

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Puppy Linux Xenialpup 7.5 released

December 06, 2017 — BarryK

At last, another official Puppy Linux release! My goodness, if you look at Distrowatch, the last official release announcement was 01micko's Slacko 6.3 in November 2015:

It gave the impression that nothing was happening on the Puppy-front, however, a visit to the Puppy Forum shows, as always, feverish activity. Lots of people developing and testing, and many custom releases. However, no one put their hand up for their release to be the next official pup. Until now.

Philip Broughton, '666philb' on the forum, has coordinated this pup, and we were getting feedback that this should be the next official pup. So, Philip decided to go for it.

Here is the announcement:

Release notes:



Join discussion in the Puppy Forum here:



Great news. This pup is of course, built with woof-CE.

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Quirky Pyro32 0.6.1 released

December 04, 2017 — BarryK

Another one! Download Quirky Pyro32 0.6.1 from here:

This is for 32-bit (i686) CPUs, with BIOS (not UEFI) firmware PCs.

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Man living in caravan at Menzies

December 01, 2017 — BarryK

This poor guy is being hounded by the local shire council:


...what you can see behind him, are "quarter acre blocks".

I have been to Menzies, and was curious about those "blocks". When the town was originally gazetted, these blocks were marked out, and were sold to individuals. But, no one ever built anything there, and these blocks appear for sale every now and again, asking between AU$3000 and AU$5000 (about US$2000 to 3000), as the owners try and offload them to someone else.

Meanwhile, the shire council collects rates on these blocks.

The "town" of Menzies is in the Shire of Menzies, and there isn't much there. As I recall, the Shire offices, a diner for travelers, a pub. Most of the "blocks" are, as I recall, not in sight of the main road. They are just harsh desert terrain, you wouldn't know there are any "blocks" there. I don't recall much in the way of roads to them either, tracks maybe.

Anyway, this fellow bought one, put a caravan on it, and the Shire Council is charging him AU$50 per day for "illegal camping".

Apparently, this situation has come about because of one petty official on the Shire Council.

My God, there are so many illegal activities where official turn a blind eye. There are people camping illegally in car parks in Perth, there is prostitution. It is recognised that police and government officials have the discretion to sometimes turn a blind eye. This fellow is in the middle of nowhere -- leave him alone!!!


Mr Gopel's block is in Suiter Street (meaning, dirt track, at best). I was curious to see where it is. Yep, same place where I looked many years ago, some distance out of the town. See map here:

Those blocks I have seen advertised privately. This link has history of block sales in Menzies, however I think those are only ones sold through estate agencies or via the major listing sites such as

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No CUPS support in gtk+ in OpenEmbedded

November 29, 2017 — BarryK

Right now, I am in a state of great surprise. Testing Pyro64 0.6, printing does not work. In fact, it never has, for any Quirky builds from OpenEmbedded packages.

Despite the fact that 'cups' is available as a package in OE, gtk+ is hard-coded not to use it. Not only is cups missing from the DEPENDS variable in the gtk+ recipe, it is explicitly disabled with "--disable-cups".

There is isn't even a conditional test for existence of cups.

I kept looking at that, because I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

This situation is in the "pyro" release of OE/Yocto, same in the latest in master branch in github.

I have created gtk+_2.24.31.bbappend, with this in it:

PR = "r1"

# added the last line...
DEPENDS = "glib-2.0 pango atk jpeg libpng gdk-pixbuf-native \
cairo gdk-pixbuf \
cups libxinerama xinput pixman freetype fontconfig"

# original...
#EXTRA_OECONF = "--enable-xkb --disable-glibtest --disable-cups --disable-xinerama"

EXTRA_OECONF = "--enable-xkb --disable-glibtest --enable-cups --enable-xinerama \
--with-xinput=yes --enable-debug=minimum"

Added some more things that thought should be there. It compiles, not yet tested in a build.


Although OE/Yocto has the 'cups' package, it does not have 'cups-filters', which is required for printing. 'cups-filters' got split out of 'cups' sometime ago. OE actually has a recent 'cups', in which the 'cups-filters' is split out, yet there is no 'cups-filters', and I had to add it in my "meta-quirky" layer. Which shows just how much attention printing has been getting in OE/Yocto -- along with non-printing gtk+, I would say none at all.

i recompiled 'gtk+', no joy. Compiled 'cups', 'cups-filters' and 'poppler' manually in Pyro64, still no joy.

I examined /var/log/cups/error.log, and did a search with google. Found the same error was fixed here: rolling back 'cups-filters' to 1.11.4. I am using 1.13.5, so I tried it, compiled 1.11.4, and hey, printing to my USB printer works!

Oh, what a dark art this CUPS printing is!

Now, need to put the fix into OE.


These are the fixes in OE, I confirmed they have fixed printing (Nov 30, 2017):

Note, I am now doing a complete x86 32-bit (i686) recompile in OE.

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Quirky Pyro64 version 0.6 released

November 26, 2017 — BarryK

Quirky Pyro64 0.5 was released on October 29, announced here:

And Quirky Pyro32 0.5 was released on November 5, announced here:

Pyro64 0.6 is now out, testers are welcome.

Download: usual, choice of three files. The 8GB image is interesting for UEFI-firmware PCs, as it has rEFInd.

There is also a Service Pack for upgrading from 0.5: is a bit large, due to many changes since 0.5, such as a complete recompile in OE, updated kernel, icu and SeaMonkey.

Feedback is welcome here:

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PPLOG now works in Quirky Pyro64

November 23, 2017 — BarryK

I had reported that PPLOG, our simple local personal blog, does not work. Now it does.

I am using this PET:

In OpenEmbedded, I had compiled these extra Perl modules and they are included in the Pyro64 build:


Yesterday I did a recompile in OE, and added these Perl modules:


PPLOG worked after I installed 'libcgi-perl' and 'libhtml-parser-perl' in Pyro64. Yippee.

I have decided to include all of these modules in the next release of Pyro64.

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