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mdview markdown viewer

July 07, 2017 — BarryK
Recently I uploaded my "oe-qky-src" to github, and installed Smartgit to manage it locally:

Then I realised, there is no viewer for markdown files. Markdown is the format used for readme files in github.
There isn't even mime type handling for markdown.

I determined that the correct mime type is "text/markdown":

And fantastic, we have an "in house" markdown viewer, named 'mdview', created by jamesbond. This is a GUI viewer, but also is a converter on the commandline, to formats such as html.

jamesbond's mdview project site:

Puppy forum thread discussing mdview:

woofQ is now setup to recognise the mime type, ROX-Filer will display a special icon, and click on a *.md file will open it in mdview.

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MoManager 20170630

July 07, 2017 — BarryK
I wrote the original MoManager, a GUI to make it easy, well easier, to creat non-English language pack PETs for Puppy and Puppy-derivatives.

Forum member L18L has been maintaining it for some years now, and has greatly enhanced it. A forum thread is here:

The latest is '', which is essentially one script, /usr/sbin/momanager. I have copied this script into woofQ.

So, the pet is not needed, woofQ has, since the beginning, had that script builtin.

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Simple Network Setup updated

July 06, 2017 — BarryK
As I posted yesterday, I have started to examine rerwin's excellent work on improving the network connection scripts:

This morning, I finished sifting through rerwin's changes to SNS (Simple Network Setup).

His scripts cannot just be copied across, as mine in woofQ have diverged too much. It started awhile back, when zigbert rewrote the GUI components in woof-CE.
So, I have just picked out some recent fixes -- ha ha, and I see that rerwin has been doing the same in reverse! Good, that is what should be happening.

The scripts are in woofQ, rootfs-skeleton/usr/local/simple_network-setup.

This afternoon, might progress onto rerwin's other improvements, that is, frisbee and pgprs, plus some new infrastructure in 'network_connect_update' PET.



July 06, 2017 — BarryK
I am very interested in the development that rerwin (Richard) is doing with the network connection scripts. See his post here, which also has links to other development threads:

I thought that I would start by looking at rerwin's improvements to my SNS (Simple Network Setup).
I downloaded the PET and opened it up. Right off, I noticed that the scripts access files in /usr/lib/gtkdialog.

I don't have that folder in woofQ. It was an initiative of 01micko about 3 years ago, and others have contributed. See woof-CE on github:

Quite a few newish PETs and scripts require this folder, so it behoves me to have it in woofQ. OK, done.


mount fail, partitions in image file

July 04, 2017 — BarryK
I have just hit a new failure, when building a distro in woofQ.

For the first time, I am doing the build in Pyro Quirky, on the Raspberry Pi3. These are packages compiled from source in OpenEmbedded.

The '3builddistro' script aborts with an error message "overlapping loop device exists".

What I have is a file which is a skeleton image file, to be written to an SD-card. This file has two partitions in it, the first is vfat, the second is ext4.
By the format "mount -t <fs> -o loop,offset=<bytes> <image file> <mount point>", both of these partitions can be mounted.

Up until now that is. 3buildistro mounts the ext4 partition first, ok, but fails when mount the vfat partition (the ext4 partition is still mounted).

I found, to get the vfat partition to mount, have to do "mount -t vfat -o loop,offset=<offset>,sizelimit=<size> <img> <mntpt>"

Where sizelimit is the size of the partition, in bytes.

This code has been around for a very long time, so why is it failing now? I found out why:

The situation is now an error, wasn't before.
I hadn't hit this before, as up until now have been using older versions of util-linux that did not have this "improvement".

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Puppy Linux Newsletter July 2017

July 03, 2017 — BarryK
The Puppy Linux Newsletter is an initiative of smokey01 and other Puppy enthusiasts. The July edition is now out:

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Pyro RPi2 build underway

June 29, 2017 — BarryK
A mini progress report.

Having compiled almost all packages required for Quirky, and a typical Puppy and Puppy-derivative, I have imported the binary packages into woofQ.

Tonight, plan to do a build in woofQ, which will create a 8GB SD card image for the Raspberry Pi2 and Pi3.

On the Puppy forum, we do have a little community of guys with RPis, so I plan to upload it, if anyone is interested in trying it out.


IUP multiplatform GUI toolkit

June 07, 2017 — BarryK
I have an interest in creating statically-linked GUI applications. An interest only, haven't actually done it yet.

There are some interesting possibilities with Xwoaf and tiny-X, maintained by Puppy forum member goingnuts, re static gui apps.

I have just discovered a GUI toolkit that is written in C, very simple, with a wide range of widgets and possibility of static linking:

...look at the "Guide" in menu in left frame.

I also discovered that a there has been some experimentation with using IUP with BaCon: