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Kernel 4.13.9 compiled in Pyro64

October 23, 2017 — BarryK

In Quirky Pyro64 to be more precise.

The build scripts and patches are uploaded here:

I hit a very strange bug. When the build script ran "make menuconfig", the terminal crashed. No error messages, it just aborted. I recompiled ncurses, the terminal still crashed.

Very odd. The urxvt terminal emulator is working fine, using it everyday in Pyro64. I googled of course, found the same crash reported a few times, but no definite fix.

So, changed the script to run "make gconfig", the GTK config, and that worked fine.

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First tutorial on booting Linux on a PC

September 26, 2017 — BarryK

I am planning two or three tutorials, and this is the first:

Although Easy Linux is mentioned a few times in the tutorial, it can be applied to other Linuxes.

This tutorial is an expansion on an earlier one I wrote on UEFI-booting.

My intention is that the next tutorial will be based on the existing page on frugal installation, but enhanced with explanation about boot managers/loaders.

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How Easy works, part 2

September 06, 2017 — BarryK

Part-1 is more for those interested in the underlying details, especially if you have a strong knowledge of shell scripting. Part-1 is here:

Part-2 is more for the user, posted here:

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Easy OS 0.4 pre-alpha released

August 28, 2017 — BarryK

I have uploaded Easy OS version 0.4. I keep going off on a tangent -- the latest excursion is fun with bashblog. But, there are some guys keen to try the latest Easy, so this is for you.


Unresolved issues:
That problem reported earlier, about SNS not automatically connecting at bootup.

The desktop icons layout has changed, and you will notice two of them have symlink symbols. Need to remove those.

The is now "apps" icon on desktop, launches PupApps, but this is not configured for the apps in Easy, such as Libreoffice.

The container mechanism needs more work. I did fix some bugs since 0.3, however, want to rethink some of it, such as improving startup time. Also, the security parts of it need a lot of work.

New features:
Another new desktop icon "sfsget", you can use this to download the "devx" sfs.

Unlike previous Easy 0.3, this one is built from Ubuntu Xenial Xerus 16.04.3 DEBs.

The build includes the markdown plugin, and some other plugins, for Geany text editor.

USB flash drive image only. There is documentation on how to write it to a flash drive:

Frugal installation is documented here:

To get some idea what Easy OS is all about:


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New blog for Easy OS

August 22, 2017 — BarryK
I have posted recently about archiving this blog, as I am moving to a new host.

As it is a fresh start, I evaluated about a dozen CMSs (Content Management Systems) and blogs. Some of them are very nice, but I was always unsatisfied with the speed (lack of) and server overhead.

The problem is, I am comparing with this blog, which is a small perl script, derived from PPLOG. It rates 95/100 on the google site speed test. Many CMS/blog systems rated quite high, up to 87, some were woeful, down around 50-60.

Then I thought some more about what I really want. Most of my sites are static web pages. The only dynamic part is the blog.

Hence, I moved on to evaluating static site generators. Apparently, there are over 450 of them. I waded through a couple of dozen of those, before finding Bashblog.

Very simple, and creates a somewhat rudimentary, yet capable blog. The Bashblog website:

The author seems to have designed it to run '' on the remote site. I did that, but there are limitations, so I set it up to run locally, and I wrote a one-line rsync command to sync with the remote site.

This is the result:

The text is a bit small, I need to play around with the css file.

It is also supposed to have Disqus commenting, I don't know why that isn't working.

There is absolutely no server overhead in this. Posts are created in markdown and posted as html. They are just static html pages, already archived. Brilliant!

I plan to post a howto sometime, on how I have setup Bashblog, and mods.

Since these blogs have no server overhead, I will probably have at least one more, a personal blog.

Bashblog uses '' from here:

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Descendents of PPLOG

August 19, 2017 — BarryK
This blog that you are looking at now, is a special version of 'pe_pplog', that was created when my blog was under attack. That was back in 2013/2014.

Puppy forum member 'efiabruni' is the developer of pe_pplog, and here is where she has kept my special version:

Efia has her blog running here:

A couple of days ago, I downloaded her latest version from github, but found that posts failed. The hint as to why is a bugfix reported in her last post, which appears to have repcussions -- I suspect the latest change has not been actually tested.

Yesterday, I sent an email to Efia, no reply yet. I did have a go at fixing it myself, but having zero knowledge of perl doesn't help.

So, are there any other descendents of PPLOG. There was sc0ttman's JSPPLOG, but I found his website is gone.

However, 01micko has created 'sjpplog_ng':

You can see this blog in action here:

Here is a forum thread on pe_pplog, back in 2013:

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jwm version 2.3.7

August 19, 2017 — BarryK
Yippee, I have finally upgraded JWM!

Quirky has been using version 976 from git, for years. This is the "2.2.x" series. Now I have compiled version 2.3.7, released 20170721. This page explains differences between the 2.2 and 2.3 series:

All of my collection of JWM theme PETs will need to be upgraded. So far, have just done the 'brightdeepblue' PET, as used in the latest Quirky and Easy.

The 'jwmconfig2' PET is for the old version. Rather than fix it, I am now using radky's PupControl, which has JWMDesk in it.

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