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Proposed Quirky 6.0

November 29, 2013 — BarryK
Although retired from mainstream Puppy development, I do intend to keep my hand in, playing with some ideas, and I will likely do it under the umbrella of my Quirky distro.

For newcomers, this is what Quirky is about:

No more will I get into alpha/beta/RC/final release cycles (I think!). Quirky is a plaything to try various ideas. When I build it, I might upload it, as-is, and it will suit some, not others.

Anyway, here are some of the ideas I am looking into, some, or even most, of which might end up in a "Quirky 6.0" build:

1. No Unionfs/Aufs (no layered filesystem).
2. Deployed as a USB-stick/SD-card image only.
3. No udev, no module loading, large kernel builtin drivers.
4. Or, my own very simple replacement for udev.
5. No mesa, no llvm.
6. Xorg has modesetting, vesa, fbdev drivers only.
7. No initrd.gz.
8. No dbus.
9. GTK 2.20.1.
10. Run cupsd only when printing.

Each of these items has a reason behind it.

Right now, T2 is running, compiling packages configured to do some of the above.

"easy goes" project...

Have fun

"easy goes" project...

Have fun

Yes, I am very interested in what you are doing.

I intend to release my T2 build system. I am using the latest T2 from SVN, but I have a special set of patches for it, to build the tiniest system.

T2 needs more developers, so I will upload this, in case there is anyone out there who would like to get involved with T2 and with compiling small systems.

I will verify that, in the case of the link that Iguleder posted above:


Substitute with curly-braces:


I installed dc_1.06.95-2 via PPM
because I am curious.

It can interfere with 'busybox dc', in particular 'partview'
returns '0' for both drive capacity and free.

Would it be better to use the phrase 'busybox dc' in 'partview'?
and other places?

Functionally they are similar,
but the full version needs '-e' to precede the calculation.


You will have to go to the woof-CE mail-list and suggest that.

partview is, I think, built-in to woof, not a separate pet.

The sources were compiled in T2, no 'mesa' package, xorg only has 'modesetting' and 'vesa' drivers.

The .iso file is 106MB, it is the usual pup with suite of apps, including SeaMonkey (only 1.1.18 though).

I booted it up on my second-newest laptop, and the modesetting driver works great (Intel graphics). The biggest advantage of this driver is that it handles widescreen monitors, unlike the vesa driver (except if 915resolution recognises the Intel video chip, then vesa can do widescreen).

Next step, I need to recompile the sources in T2, fix a few things. Especially, there are some packages that failed to compile before.

Also, another part of the plan is a big kernel, and no udev (or a simple one from me or Iguleder). I will download 3.12.2.

I patched it with unionfs version 2.5.12, which is a new version -- will give it a go.

Configured for i486, no PAE (4G RAM limit).

This is a "normal" configuration, with lots of modules. I want to do this first, then do a sanity check that this kernel version runs my Quirky ok.

Then I intend to recompile the kernel with many more drivers built-in.
Is there anyway an operating system could avoid

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