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Puppy Linux development

November 23, 2013 — BarryK
Recently I announced in my old blog that I have placed Puppy Linux development into "maintenance mode", and I am retiring from the central role.

I am pleased that there have been some steps by Puppy developers to move on, see a recent comment at my old blog:

Puppy Forum member mavrothal has created a fork of Woof, the Puppy-builder system, at github, and named it woof-CE:

Forum member 01micko is the coordinator of Slacko Puppy, and a very keen developer.

01micko has started a mailing list for woof-CE:

If you want to find out how to build a Puppy using woof-CE, look at these links! And join the mail-list.


Internationalization"vicmz"I hope they keep woof-CE internationalized. After all the efforts to make Puppy speak other languages, it'd be sad to go back to English-only.

I did think that I would bring out Precise 5.7.2. I guess that should be done with the old Woof, as it would be a minor version increment.

Or, perhaps I should give that a miss. Things are really moving with the new woof-CE, and I should not do anything that takes attention away from that.

Regarding Quirky, that is really a separate distro, and I might keep that alive, even if just barely. I still have a few ideas that I would like to experiment with.

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