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"The world is closing in!"

November 24, 2013 — BarryK
The title is quoting Iguleder here:

Yes, I also was feeling oppressed with the direction of software dependencies, and general bloatedness. In fact, it was a factor that contributed to my decision to retire.

I did think along the same lines as Iguleder, but decided that it is too much work. But, if Iguleder, technosaurus, goingnuts and others can tackle it, this would be a great direction to take Puppy.

True lean-and-mean. I don't want to be coarse, but give the finger to what so many other software developers are doing.

I have always loved GTK 1.2, for it's speed and tiny size. To my mind, if font anti-aliasing is added, it could be resurrected.
There are a lot of dead GTK1-based projects out there, waiting to be resurrected also!

I am not saying that a lean-and-mean pup would have to go with GTK1, but it is definitely worth consideration.


I am following Iguleder work, it's good. He found a bug in gtk1 corrected in gtk2. But I could help him testing his thing.
If I find a programmer job in Australia, I come. France has become bad with much unemployment.

There was this way, but it didn't work quite right in some apps:

...this was used in some early versions of Puppy. The project page is:

Other than that, there are some patches to the GTK source:

There's another one that I discovered some time ago... grrrr, can't find now.
in the next release.
GTK+2 and the biggest repository
on Linux.

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