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3.12.2 kernel

December 06, 2013 — BarryK
I have compiled the 3.12.2 kernel for Quirky6. I mentioned earlier that I had applied the unionfs patch, only to find that unionfs is broken on the 3.12.x kernel. So, I have applied the aufs patch, and after a small hiccup with applying the patch, I have compiled the kernel.

The configuration is "normal", as used in most pups. Lots of modules. Curiously, I chose i486, although these days setting a minimum of i686 would be preferred -- but then, I also chose i486 for the T2 compile, so I am being consistent.

I disabled PAE, so it will boot on older PCs, though of course we have the 4GB RAM limit.

Anyway, I have uploaded the sources, patches and build scripts: needs our "usual" secret username and password.

There is also a PET, that I intend to use for future Quirky6 builds.

The only third-party modules are aufs and ndiswrapper.

You might wonder why I want the aufs module, as I don't intend to use it. Well no, but Quirky6 does start it's life as a normal pup, built with Woof, and can be run like any pup, including a frugal install -- I might want the option of being able to do that. I post-process the pup into Quirky6, which does not use aufs, and that it what I will release.

Tags: linux