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Adobe Flashplayer 10.x

December 14, 2013 — BarryK
I didn't know that Adobe are still maintaining the 10.x series, but it seems that they are, probably just security fixes.

I discovered recent PETs for the 10.x series at this site (I think that is a site maintained by shinobar, for japanese Puppy):

I tested the latest,, and it works fine at

It has been mentioned that the 11.x series does not work with old CPUs, hopefully they are still compiling the 10.x series to be compatible with CPUs prior to advent of things like SSE2.

Quirky 6.0 will have this 10.x Flash player. Expanded, is 12MB, compared with 17MB for the latest 11.x. That equates to an approx. 2MB smaller download image file.


Requested post from jimward:

Currently running Flash 11.1.102 in Wary 5.1.1 retro / k2.6.30.5.

More recent Flash 11 versions might be a problem with older boxes--I haven't checked--but this one runs OK in my P2 / 350.

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