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Boot f2fs on USB with syslinux

December 04, 2013 — BarryK
With Quirky6, I intend not to use a initrd, not even a basic one. Also, booting off a Flash drive, I want to use the f2fs filesystem.

It is theoretically do-able, but I couldn't get it to work, until I read jamebond's post further down this page:

The secret is the "rootwait" kernel boot parameter! Thanks James!

However, as jamesbond found out, "root=/dev/sdb2" works, but not when specify the UUID. From reading, you should be able to have the kernel parameter:

root=UUID=<uuid number>
root=LABEL=<label of partition>

...but neither of those work.

Specifying "root=/dev/sdb2" is not good, as it can't be guaranteed when different USB drives are plugged in.

Right now I am googling around, to see what others have to say about this problem.


UUID puzzled"BarryK"To explain further, this works, in syslinux.cfg, where 'vmlinuz' is in the first FAT16 partition:

kernel vmlinuz
append root=/dev/sdb2 rw rootwait

But neither of these work:

kernel vmlinuz
append root=UUID=<uuid 2nd partition> rw rootwait

kernel vmlinuz
append root=LABEL=<2nd partition label> rw rootwait

Have no idea why not. I have googled, others seem to have it working. Maybe something wrong with our kernel configs?

I tested with the second partition f2fs and ext2, same results.

See also:

I am creating all of this on a USB stick right now.

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