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December 05, 2013 — BarryK
I want to greatly reduce the clutter at my Quirky hosting site at this place:

For the guys building pups with woof-CE, it grabs PETs from 'pet_packages-common', 'pet_packages-noarch' and 'pet_packages-wary5' especially.

In "noarch" and "common" directories, there are many PETs that are created by various developers, such as Sigmund's Pmusic and rcrsn51's peasyGlue, but I am not keeping the repo up-to-date with the latest PETs.

Therefore, I want to mark these repos as deprecated, and it would be good if the woof-CE guys could copy them somewhere else and maintain them.

I might set a deadline, maybe halfway through 2014, when I will erase most of the non-Quirky stuff.
The thing is, Quirky is heading off in a different direction, and is a separate distro. It has a Puppy-like UI and apps and many of the tools, but I envisage so many changes that it will be quite a different beast.

Anyway, if you woof-CE guys can think about it, that would be great.


mirror quirky stuff"aarf"curled it into
online md5sum gives
havent checked them if there is some error please advise.

the common directory
is a little larger so perhaps russoodle could give the go ahead and i can curl it

I copied pet_packages-common, pet_packages-drake, pet_packages-noarch, pet_packages-precise, pet_packages-raring, pet_packages-spup14, pet_packages-squeeze and pet_packages-wary5 all over to

Thanks for that. Yeah, I was thinking of deleting those directories much later, maybe mid-2014.

All woof-built pups from now on can be built to get PETs from 'puppylinux' on ibiblio.

And as you say, for those with current pups, a PET can be provided to patch the download path.
miscellaneous news column/4th entry
if I understood well, english is a foreign language for me. but I try to learn it...

Yes, the woof-CE guys know about this, and they will most likely patch it to point to the repos that are now within the 'puppylinux' directory on ibiblio.

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