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Install Quirky 6.0 to hard drive

December 16, 2013 — BarryK
Oh, this is so nice!

I am running Quirky 6.0 installed to a hard drive ext3 partition on my laptop, and it is so fast.

What is really nice, is that this is a milestone, the first pup-derivative that is specifically designed to run as a "full" HD installation.
Sure, we have always been able to install our pups that way, but they are full of stuff that assumes a layered filesystem (as you have in a frugal installation).

Quirky6 thinks "full installation" always, although there are still bits and pieces in scripts that still think in terms of a layered filesystem and a save-file. I will gradually weed all those out.

Anyway, this morning I wrote an install script:

It works great, I tested it on two different computers, even was bold enough to do it on my main workhorse laptop.

A couple of small things, that you can fix manually:

After installation, before rebooting to test your new Quirky installation, click on the partition icon to mount it, and edit /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit:

1. "DEV1FS='f2fs'" is obviously wrong. Change that to whatever the HD f.s. is.
2. This line is wrong, change it as indicated:
#busybox mount /dev/root -o remount,rw,relatime,background_gc=off /

busybox mount /dev/root -o remount,rw /

Have fun!
P.S. I think this mode of running Quirky is going to be my everyday choice.


The guys are discussing this over on the Puppy Forum:

Forum member aarf has his own blog with feedback:

Regarding the 'write-quirky-to-partition' script, aarf found that it does not work in a vfat partition. That is, the partition that you download 'quirky6-6.0-8gb.img.xz' and 'write-quirky-to-partition' to, as well as having over 8GB free space, must also be a Linux partition.

I thought that it would be OK in a vfat partition, but 'unxz' fails to expand the image file.

I will put that warning into the script.


There are also some extra checks in the code of the latter script.

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