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It lives Igor, it lives!

December 04, 2013 — BarryK
Fantastic, Quirky6 is booting from USB stick, with desktop. The image file is 95MB.

I posted earlier about f2fs and no initrd:

This is implementing three of the goals that I set for Quirky 6.0, to use the f2fs filesystem, no overlay filesystem (aufs or unionfs), and no initrd. Those goals were listed here:

I am using a 4GB USB stick, with a fat16 16MB first partition, and a f2fs 3.6GB second partition.

The drive is partitioned with GPT (GUID partition table), which replaces the MBR. See above link for links to details on GPT.
I created this in Gparted, as well as the two partitions, and set the flag on the first partition as "legacy_boot".

Note, I had earlier downloaded and compiled the latest 'f2fs-tools'.

I am running Precise Puppy 5.7.1, and I installed mtools, syslinux-common, syslinux, gdisk (and it's deps libicu48 and groff-base).
The syslinux is 4.0.5, Precise Pup had an old 3.x which is not GPT-aware.

I completed the setup like this:
# dd bs=440 conv=notrunc count=1 if=/usr/lib/syslinux/gptmbr.bin of=/dev/sdb
# syslinux --install /dev/sdb1

The first partition has syslinux.cfg, and I used gdisk to obtain the PARTUUID, which I entered into syslinux.cfg.

The first partition also has vmlinuz, in my case 3.2.48.

To the second partition I did what amounts to a full-hard-drive-install of Quirky.

I have written scripts to do most of this, and sometime soon I'll make it up into a little package for others to play with.

Probably the first thing that I will release will be the 4GB usb-stick image. Testers can will be able to download it, then run a little script that will write it to a drive and insert the PARTUUID into it.


Unionfs broken"BarryK"When I saw that there is a new version of unionfs, I gave it a go. Unfortunately, testing with the 3.12.2 kernel, it is broken.

The unionfs mail-list is about dead, but the developer posted recently that 2.5.12 is released.

Someone replied that he did a diff with the previous version, no differences! The developer replied that he had just got it to compile on the latest kernel versions, hadn't actually fixed any bugs.

It looks like it hasn't even been tested on the 3.12 kernel.

So, I have checked out the latest aufs3, and am recompiling the kernel now.

I just built it, only problem is that they moved printk.c! It's now at kernel/printk/printk.c, once I overcame that it went on and built no problem. Aufs didn't cough at all, no compile warnings. Maybe Junjiro fixed it already?

Screeny: (erm. you'll need to get your magnifying glas out, command is uname -a)

Did you grab the right aufs?

This was how I got it, that's the latest version I think:

# AUFS_VERSION=3.12_p20131111

# git archive -v --remote=git:// aufs${AUFS_VERSION/_p*} > aufs-sources-${AUFS_VERSION}.tar

The error was:
  CC [M]  fs/aufs/module.o

In file included from fs/aufs/aufs.h:45:0,
from fs/aufs/module.c:25:
fs/aufs/file.h: In function ‘au_vm_prfile_set’:
fs/aufs/file.h:302:5: error: ‘struct vm_area_struct’ has no member
named ‘vm_prfile’
make[2]: *** [fs/aufs/module.o] Error 1
make[1]: *** [fs/aufs] Error 2

Maybe I chose different configure options for aufs? Anyway, hopefully the maintainer will know what the problem is.

Tags: linux