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Lazyux and Lazy-utils

December 03, 2013 — BarryK
Iguleder posted about his tiny distro, based on GTK 1.2, tinyxserver, musl C libs, lazy-utils (his own replacement for busybox):

Forum discussion:

Sources are on github, and the complete distro can be compiled:

This is extremely ambitious! But, of course, that total ground-level design is essential for creating the smallest possible distro.

There is already an .iso file that can be downloaded, but this is early days and has some rough edges and is very basic. Incredible promise though -- if you want to get involved, go to the Forum link.

Note, although I have posted this under the 'Puppy' category, Lazyux is not Puppy, it is a completely different distro. It is Puppy-like in some respects, such as choice of apps, and I recall also Iguleder was thinking of building it in woof-CE -- which would make it much more of a puplet.

Tags: linux