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New ideas for Quirky 6.1

December 17, 2013 — BarryK
It is CH Lee who has solved a problem for me, see his posts in the Forum (page 2):

I am not happy with GPT, and would rather go back to the old MBR. That is the problem that CH Lee solved, explaining a new feature in the 3.8 kernel.

I am rethinking how Quirky6 will be deployed, and now planning to not deploy it as a 8GB-image, instead it will be a f.s. image file that can be installed to any size Flash drive. No 'gdisk' utility required either.

I am also planning to implement a "roll back", or "system recovery" feature for 6.1.

Note also, I expect the download image file to be even smaller than 6.0 (which is 110.4MB).


I can confirm that the "NT disk signature" obtained by running "fdisk -l /dev/<drive>", can be used in the "root=" kernel command line to run the Quirky filesystem on the second partition.

The format is (with the "0x" prefix removed from the signature):

root=PARTUUID=<NT disk signature>-02

I have already written a script that does this, and installs to any size Flash drive (with the second partition filling the drive).

However, I need to do some more work on it.

One thing I found. I used syslinux 5.10, compiled in Quirky, but it won't load the splash image. I will use a 4.x version, that does work.

Tags: quirky, linux