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Xmas hiatus

December 20, 2013 — BarryK
Well, Quirky 6.0.1 is out, now I am getting into Christmas mode and there is going to be a bit of a hiatus regarding development on Quirky.

Wishing everyone a great Xmas and New Year

Comments are still disabled for this blog. Efiabruni did do a hack-fix for email registration, but I will wait until she can look into it and come up with a solution. Efiabruni is also in Xmas-mode!

I won't be visiting the Forum much, well, don't visit it much these days anyway. However, I will look regularly at the thread on Quirky 6.x:

Regarding my retirement, people keep sending me messages that it is a funny kind of retirement. People also keep sending me emails and pm's, "please fix this" for various versions of Puppy.

I am retired. I can't support Puppy development anymore. The guys have taken the reins and are doing a great job. See:

The Quirky thing, is just me fiddling around with some ideas. It is not intended to be a general-purpose distro like Puppy, it has various restrictions. But, for those who like it, I am doing some basic support, for awhile anyway. The community of users can get together to provide ongoing support, if it looks like Quirky6's life will persist.
I have got to admit, I am quite taken with it, it works really well for me, despite all of the deliberate design decisions -- like no mesa even. Or maybe, to an extent, because of, as I have simplified things right down, continuing to do that.

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