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Another fix for Snapshot Manager

January 25, 2014 — BarryK
Snapshot Manager
I originally posted about the Quirky Snapshot Manager here:

Then there was a long saga of getting it to work properly. I thought that it was finally right by the release of Quirky 6.1.3, however, yesterday I encountered another recovery failure.

I figured it out, actually I found the bug at about 1am this morning, it was fixed by 2am.

The situation was, I had two snapshots, then wanted to recover the latest. I had taken a snapshot after first bootup of Quirky Tahr 0.104 (internal development version), then after installing the devx PET I took another snapshot.
After compiling some packages, I wanted to wipe them, go back to a freshly installed devx. But, recovery failed. It was due to a simple logical problem in 'snapshot-manager'.

PDF files
Changing the subject, I experimented some more with Epdfview and Poppler, trying to fix that missing-images probelm in PDF files.

The problem that we used to have with wrong colors, it turned out to be a problem with Epdfview, the Poppler API had changed subtly. I used a patch from LFS that fixes that, plus some other issues.

However, the missing-images problem is still there, and I went back a few versions of Poppler, problem still there.

Then I tried Evince, a Gnome/GTK PDF viewer, and images do display. So, this must be another bug in Epdfview.

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