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Quirky 6.1.1 released

January 05, 2014 — BarryK
Quirky 6.1.1 is a bugfix release of 6.1.

Please see Announcement, Release Notes, and install instructions in the 'quirky-6.1' folder:

...except of course, you download the files from the 'quirky-6.1.1' folder:

Quirky 6.1.1 has many important bug fixes, it is highly recommended to use.

If you already have an earlier version than 6.1.1 installed, there are Service Packs, an easy means to upgrade.

Either run the Version Upgrade Manager (see the Filesystem menu), or grab one of these directly (23.8MB, 1.5MB):

The only thing I know of, is that the Version Upgrade Manager displays the wrong preferred-choice of Service Pack to install.
I was running 6.1, and it suggested the 6.0.1_TO_6.1.1, but of course I chose the appropriate one.
I'll fix that pronto.

To do
I want to offer the 'devx' PET as a Service Pack also, and integrate that into the Version Upgrade Manager. That's next on the to-do list.

Packages are all the same as for 6.1, except that I rolled Epdfview and Poppler back to the ones from Wary. I also added Flsynclient, that was missing from 6.1.


Oh yeah, squashfs-tools has been bumped to the latest out of git.

I don't read the Forum posts very often, but I am monitoring that thread.

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