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Quirky 6.1.3 released

January 13, 2014 — BarryK
I thought that I had the snapshot "disappearing misc folder" bug licked. But, it came back. Oh well.

Quirky 6.1.3 has just one change, a fix for the Snapshot Manager. I discovered, when recovering a snapshot, that /usr/X11R7/lib/X11/fonts/misc disappeared again, making ycalc and rxvt inoperable.

For now, only the Service Packs are available:

I recommend deleting any prior snapshots, that is, just wipe everything inside /audit/snapshots.


The full Quirky 6.1.3 files are available here:

The Release Notes, with installation instructions, are here:

There do seem to be issues with using the '' script on many Linux distros. Mostly the problem is lack of 'f2fs' support. The 'f2fs-tools' package can be installed, if you have a recent Linux.

The only versions of Puppy that I have tested do work, are Precise 5.7.1 and Quirky 6.x.

If you don't have a suitable Linux, or even no Linux installation at all, there is the 8GB image file.

Or, the '' should work with most Linuxes, though of course you will need to have a spare HD partition with Linux filesystem. And GRUB or some boot manager setup.

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