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Qwallpaper background setter

January 02, 2014 — BarryK
I posted about a problem with the background image getting distorted after applying the Service Pack for Quirky.
I also mentioned that this is a generic problem with Puppy, going way way back.

The problem occurs if you change monitors, or bootup a USB stick on a different computer, or you change Xorg's resolution settings.

Today I decided to fix it. I rewrote /usr/sbin/set_bg and background_reshape, modified /root/.xinitrc, and wrote a new application, Qwallpaper.

The new mechanism does not modify the files inside /usr/share/backgrounds, as was done before. Instead, subdirectories are created and modified files are in them.

For example, my laptop screen is 1366x768, and this is an aspect ratio of 177, expressed as a percentage, that is (1366/768)*100.
There is a directory /usr/share/backgrounds/177, in which all image files used for my 1366x768 screen go.

The new mechanism also plays nicely with ROX-Filer's own drag-n-drop wallpaper-setting.

Here is a snapshot of Qwallpaper:

Very simple, works real nice.

This will be in the next Quirky Service Pack, however it is generic, will work with all puppies. I have posted the tarball here:

I didn't provide it as a PET, it is intended to go into Woof. I will let 01micko know about it, see if he wants to put it in to woof-CE.
It does mean though, that the other apps Pwallpaper and Nathan's Wallpaper Setter won't work.

If you want to try it, open up the tarball and manually install the files.

Tags: linux