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The future of Quirky

January 15, 2014 — BarryK
Quirky 6.1.3 was released a couple of days ago, reasonably bug-free, well, the new infrastructure features seem to be working OK anyway.

Now will start a bit of a hiatus, that one that I was supposed to have at Christmas

The ideas in Quirky will live on, but I intend to do a different mix. But commenting first on the long-term, do I have any long-term plans for Quirky?

Vaguely, yes. I see a strong move to solid-state storage, and for now the technology is Flash, hence f2fs will stay. I also see the "full installation" as staying, and staying as the only mode. The saving/recovery features will get further developed.

And maybe, just maybe, I will look at getting Quirky going on a tablet or smart-phone. The Intel x86 SoCs might become competitive toward the end of 2014, so I might be able to stay with x86 CPU architecture.

Now back to the present. After the hiatus, here is a hint about what I might do:

If anyone wants to comment, please do so at the Forum, as comments to this blog are still disabled:

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