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Chromium, lsb_release

February 16, 2014 — BarryK
The Chromium web browser is available in the Ubuntu repository, for Quirky Tahr, but a tester has reported that it does not work.

I have figured it all out, and got it to work. I modified /usr/local/petget/, to perform various fixes.

I also modified the 'chromium' template in the Quirky-build-system, to create a Chromium that will work.

I noticed, when start Chromium from commandline, that it complains about missing 'lsb_release' executable.
Ubuntu has this in the 'lsb_release' package, however, it is a Python3 script. Therefore, I have created a Bash script, /usr/bin/lsb_release, that does the equivalent. I also created /etc/lsb-release, as some apps might look for it. This is done in the Quirky-build-system.

I also got Chromium to work as spot, and the Security and Login Manager will now offer Chromium as an option to run as spot.


Chromium profile"BarryK"Oh yes, something important: Chromium's profile is set to:


So, it is outside all upgrades/recovery mechanisms.

Running as 'spot' though, is still in:


...will have to consider moving that to /file one day.

Tags: linux