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Fatdog64 version 630

February 14, 2014 — BarryK
Fatdog64 originally started life compiled from source in T2, though they are probably now updating by compiling within Fatdog.
Fatdog forked from Puppy awhile back, so is still very Puppy-like but with many changes implemented by the authors, kirk and james. Some of their great ideas found there way back into Puppy, such as running Internet applications as user 'spot' -- well, technically, the idea did originate in Puppy, but only got fully implemented in Fatdog.

Probably the single most important feature of Fatdog64 is that it is compiled for a 64-bit x86 CPU, which is just about the situation with all new PCs these days. Running a distro compiled for 64-bit, as opposed to x86 32-bit, should give a tad more execution speed, plus you get access to RAM beyond 4MB without having to do that "pae" thing to the Linux kernel.

Anyway, the developers have just released version 630, see Forum announcement:

Fatdog has its own website, and here is the FAQ on that site:


Thank you"jamesbond2"For announcing this on your site.

Tags: linux