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Kernel 3.12.11

February 20, 2014 — BarryK
I have compiled the Linux kernel version 3.12.11 in Quirky Tahr.

I was playing with ideas for my next quirky idea, the "childproofing" of Quirky.

One technique involves disabling a drive by a kernel boot parameter. It used to be possible with the old "ide" drivers, but not after the move to the "libata" PATA/SATA drivers (that we now use).

However, a guy by the name of Robin Johnson wrote a patch for libata that reintroduces disabling of drives by a boot parameter. It is introduced here:

However, it got merged into the kernel at version 3.12.7, whereas our quirkies have been built with 3.12.6.

So, I have compiled the latest, 3.12.11. The PET (25.2MB):

This kernel will be in the next releases of Quirky Tahr and Quirky T2.

There is also the source PET (112.9MB):

Sources and build scripts are at:

Tags: linux