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Quirky Tahr 6.0.5 released

February 17, 2014 — BarryK
Another bugfix and incremental improvement since 6.0, which was released on January 30, 2014:

My blog has progress reports and announcements of 6.0.1, etc, and the Puppy Forum has a thread that describes many of the fixes in the releases since 6.0.
Since 6.0.4, some of the fixes are described from this page in the Forum:

Here are the release notes for 6.0.x:

The main file to download (174.8MB):

And grab one of the installation scripts, '' or '' from here:

...note, if you have previously downloaded these scripts, please grab these latest, they have some changes.
A note for newbies: don't forget to right-click on these scripts after downloaded, and set the "execute" flags.

As the '' requires a very up-to-date Linux that is "f2fs-aware" (Precise Puppy 5.7.1 for example), and if you do not have such a distro installed, grab this instead...

Or, there is the ready-to-go 8GB image (180.2MB): can write this to a Flash drive from any running Linux or Windows, see the notes here...

Read here if you require detailed install instructions:

For those who wish to compile applications from source, there is the 'devx' PET (130MB):
Kernel source PET (115.2MB):

Service Packs
If you already have Quirky Tahr 6.0.x installed, then there is a Service Pack. This is a relatively small file to upgrade.
Go to the Filesystem menu and choose Quirky Version Upgrade Manager.
Or, if you run the Quirky Package Manager, it will automatically determine that Service Packs are available and offer to install them.

The Service Packs, for the main Tahr filesystem upgrade and the devx (if 6.0.x devx PET is already installed) are also available by direct download from here:

Ongoing discussion of the Quirky6 series is here:

6.0.5 introduces a third recovery mechanism, see here:
...however, you won't get that mechanism if do an upgrade with Service Packs. It is not an essential thing to have, just a "nice thing" for possible future recovery and installation mechanisms.

I tested the Chromium web browser, installed via the Package Manager from Ubuntu repo, works nice. That is one thing that has been fixed since 6.0.4.

6.0.5 has SeaMonkey 2.24, that I compiled in Quirky Tahr, and one thing that I noticed is that it starts up faster than the 2.23 official binary. Hasn't crashed on me yet, either!


tahr 6.0.5 torrent"aarf"you fastest download option:

service pack 6.0 to 6.03 kills my working 6.0 . only driver offered at xorgwizard is intel. this fails for me goes to bliking cursor in top lefthand side. repeat failed again.
NEW install 6.05 to partition. xorgwizard offerers only intel. which goes to the white on black ok screen, then to blinking white cursor in top LHS.

does the 'vesa' or 'modesetting' driver work for you?

Xorg is choosing 'intel' as the correct one in your case. So, did the 'intel' driver work in 6.0?

The Ubuntu Xorg DEBs are getting updated frequently, so those in 6.0.5 are different from those in 6.0.
I should also mention that you can choose the 'vesa' or 'modesetting' drivers. When it booted and you only got the blinking cursor, do a hard reboot of the computer (press Reset button or hold down power button), and the Xorg Wizard will be forced to run - or, that is what is supposed to happen.
after blinking cursor hard shutdown, on reboot it goes to check disks then needs to reboot again.
then when the screen goes to test mouse dialog. dont test! . go to fallback from there intel driver will boot to desktop with correct resolution..
select fallback then to desktop with intel driver.
Can you please run this in a terminal:

# fdisk -l /dev/sda

Highlight the result, post it here (middle-mouse button to paste), or on the Forum.

Also, the output of this might be helpful:

# probepart

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